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Heenan Blaikie, African Dictators, and arms deals


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How Heenan Blaikie’s stunning collapse started with a rogue African arms deal | National Post

A totally interesting read, for me anyway, about how this big renowned and respected Canadian Law firm that was, according to the National Post, co-coordinating and arranging arms deals with African dictators.

Having lived in Africa in my youth and in several war zones I have seen what arms can do in the hands of war criminals to African populations. I knew the weapons had to come from somewhere (arms dealers) but had no idea Canadian lawyers are so in the thick of the procurement process these days....

Tell me TRIBE lawyers - in order to become a practicing lawyer, don't you have to take some oath not to do harm? Or is it just doctors who take that oath?

Just curious.
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Note the Orders of Canada! LOL.


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Laws and morality are only for the peasants the nobility is above the law haven't you guys figured it out yet
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