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Damn. No reviews for Heather on friday? I was there and I don't think amazing is a good enough word for Heather. She completely RIPPED shit. When she dropped that digable planets "cool like dub" courtesy of Guided Methods, HOLY FUCK. It was pretty busy at one point in the night but emptied out pretty quick. Stayed till the end tho, twas nice to have all that room to dance. It's pretty sad that people complain about the scene but yet when a dj like Heather comes into town, no one shows up. Did anyone check her on Saturday? She was booked to play again.

Oh, one more thing...

When I first got to the front of Hush, my jaw nearly dropped when I saw a flyer/poster that said.....

EAST COAST BOOGIEMEN 6 turntables. I completely forgot the date that was printed on the poster but i'm sure some more info will be coming our way shortly.
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Mingster and I were there, but I was really wiped out from working all day, and could barely get up the energy to dance. Stayed for the first hour of Heather and then crapped out. One of those nights where no matter how good it sounds, you know you're not going to get a second wind.

I'd like to see some nasty techno in that space, but I doubt that will ever happen. :)


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I was there saturday for her set, gorgeous and much deeper than I expected, really working the eq's on that lovely rane mixer, BBB shoulda heard the bomb electro friday as per my sugestion. Either way hardly anyone there for her set.



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I was hoping to get a good fix with DJ Heather and she didn’t disappoint! For over four years I’d been waiting to check her out since I was prEoccupied the last time I was at a party she was spinning at. She kept it good and funky and while she didn’t bang it out, she didn’t let up all night. Busting her hips behind the decks, she made a point to acknowledge the crowd and speak to people that approached her – always nice to see! Having never been to Hush (or Aria) I was expecting a bigger space but, as it turned out, there wasn’t a large crowd and it kept the night more intimate. Don’t know why so many people left so early but those that hung around kept dancing right to the end. Can’t think what it sounds like right now but she dropped “Way too long” (Audio Bullys) which sounded perfect at the time - I love when a DJ takes the time to tell you what they just played! I’ll be up for another dose of Heather next time she’s around…
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I too had been waiting for a few years to see her as I've had something else planned everytime she's been.

I was not disappointed and it was well worth the wait. She was just amazing and had my ass groovin well into the nite. I loved it and wished I had made it out again the next night.

I have now met a goal i set when, I saw Farina the first time way back when...I wanted to see Heather and finally have. :D yay!

i'm happy as well it was a smaller it did make it more intimate...and the vibe so good.

Was nice to dance to some sweet assed house again.



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Originally posted by circle

EAST COAST BOOGIEMEN 6 turntables. I completely forgot the date that was printed on the poster but i'm sure some more info will be coming our way shortly.

So did anybody see the date on the poster?