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Heather & Colette @ Ginger62, Vancouver

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ethnik, May 31, 2010.

  1. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member

    Well like quite a few of us older heads out there who have decided to put real life before late night recreation, it has been more than a minute since I decided to lace-em up and shake my moneymaker at a (hopefully) quality jam.

    This one had all the makings of a quality night out;

    1. talented dj's? check
    2. nice venue? TBC (had never been to Ginger62 before)
    3. the energy and enthusiasm needed to sustain a good night out after a LONG break from any type of apres-dark entertainment - CHECK, in ABUNDANCE (long live late afternoon power naps!)

    Decided to get down there early, opening the doors style early to have a couple of quiet drinks, scope out the space and hopefully let the opener carry my worries away with some quality beats.

    For those who have never been to Vancouver before, Ginger62 is almost legendary as one of the sole bastions of quality house events. In general the musis scene out here is majoritarily hip hop/top 40 club oriented, and there seems to be a dearth of decent events to attend.

    Nordic Trax are on point as the nigh-on sole house musique event providers in town, with regular throw downs all across the city. To their credit they are trying to keep the scene alive, though at the detriment of diversity - they often book the same headliner usual suspects with little variety, though given the difficulties of attracting attention to house music in this city I won't knock them for it but instead say thank you for making the effort!

    So, back to the club. It is what I would describe as functional for group gatherings - if you are trying to find a nice hidden corner to chill it is not very conducive to that, which is kind of what I was looking for when I walked in to an empty room. Verdict #1- it is going to take a while for this space to warm up vibe wise.

    Opening set was being provided by the Saturday night resident, DJ Krown, who I am told is a good dj. Perhaps it was the fact that it was a late crowd and not very busy even at peak time later, but I have to say that his opening set did absolutely nothing to get any kind of mood going in that place. He seemed more concerned with chatting with staff and friends popping by to say hello than really focusing on any attempt to get some sort of warm, rhythmic embrace happening in the room.

    Perhaps I was expecting too much, and I get the feeling that if I caught him during peaktime at 1am on his own night that I would have a very different opinion. Given the context of this evening though, I was suitably unimpressed. Perhaps being a dj for so many years and taking the warm-up slot seriously each and every time I played one also factored into my opinion....

    About half-way through the opening Luke Mckeehan of Nordic Trax stepped up to the plate to tag it out with Krown until the ladies started up, and this was a welcome respite - he brought up the bump-factor and definitely gave not just me but other peeps there early a lift. Proof in the pudding - the first wave of migrants to the floor started up.

    The one thing I like about heading to a club early is that normally the crew who show up at these times are the true heads - the people who are there for the music, who know how to shake it and who clearly have SOUL.

    So, energy level picking up but still somewhat uneven when Krown tagged in, I just was not feeling his music other than the odd track here and there. The place was filling slowly but surely, when all of the sudden the Db's went up, the deep crunky funk hit the ears and before you now it the dancefloor went from vagabonds to party stars and hooligans as Heather hit the decks. FINALLY!

    I've been a fan of Heather for many years all the way back to the first time I saw her at Jai Bar in MTL back in the day circa '96, '97? She is always on point and I have never not left a night happy with what I heard. She was bringin' it all night, and I love how locked in she is behind decks. Her intensity just inspires me and makes me want to take my game up a notch on the floor, not unlike playin' ball with a teammate who is in the zone and has that look on their face that says "Let me get your name on the roll-sheet cause school is in SESSION".

    She played about 30 minutes and Colette tagged in, and the change in energy was substantial - the relentless deep, driving, resonating in your nether-regions full-frontal bass assault of Heather was replaced by the more high-pitch, high energy backing sounds of Colette's instrumental tracks as she busted out her voice over top.

    Now, I quite like Colette - I have even booked her myself in the past in QC back in the day when I was still in the game. Being able to appreciate both of these talented ladies separately I had assumed (uh-oh) that the 2 of them together on one fine eve would be rockin'. I was unfortunately a smidge disappointed.

    Both gals delivered their signature sounds and the Granville Street regulars ate it up, but I guess I was feelin' Heather's deep, dark take no prisoners Funk Patrol more and found the transition between the two of them a little too pronounced. The shortened b2b nature of their set did nothing to help this, if they had a full 5 hours or more available I think that this transition would be welcome - they would each have more time to bring us a little deeper into their portion of the musical journey. In the context of this little soiree, it just all felt kind of rushed.

    It is to neither of their faults, because they both played some outstanding music, but the whole evening just felt a little disjointed from start to finish. Possible reasons for this feeling are;

    1. I am getting old...LOL
    2. Expectations were too high after a long hiatus
    3. I just did not let the night "come to me"
    4. the night actually was disjointed musically at the start and I just could not recover beyond that to truly let myself enjoy the evening.

    All this being said, I'll give the night a solid 7/10. It may have been disjointed but it did not stop me from shakin' it for a good portion of the evening and meeting a few quality people who were great to hang with on the floor. When the room is filled with a crowd of people 80% of whom are only there because it is a saturday night on Granville Street, you are happy to find the good ones and share the floor ;)

    Note to Ginger62 Management (in the category of needlessly small details) - carpeted dance floor = BAD IDEA. how can you rock out the baby powder?
  2. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    Thanks for the great review!

    I was afraid that the house scene out here would be pretty weak in Vancouver. Thanks for the tips.

    Carpets in general are a bad idea, and preposterous for a dancefloor!
  3. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    carpets are for parties where people drink and spazzpretenddance (cf Queenshead on those infamous Thursday nights)
    dance floors should ideally be wood
    at the very least polished cement
    (though sand can be good too :) )

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