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Heads up on a great opening tomorrow evening...


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His name is Wang Qingsong and he's a Beijing photographer that does epic photgraphic murals that romanticize cultural erosion and war.

They are fabulously funny and really controversial.

I went for a preview today and I was suprised that they were all stamped with a Beijing Stamp of Approval.

For anyone who likes Adbusters, cheekiness and stuff dealing with mass-media/racial issues, this is the show for you.

The show is at PREFIX Gallery at 401 Richmond, right at Richmond and Spadina on the first floor.

7 - 9 pm is the opening.

And while you're there, Will Munro's got some of his undies on display as well next door at YYZ.

I'm going tomorrow night so if you want to come with, PM me.
Persoanlly I'll be attending a showing of my cousin and his groups work at Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, above "Arts on King" (see link:
at 169 King St. E - beside the Second Cup at the corner of King and Jarvis. The
show is running until Feb 7 - they're open til 7 tonight (Wednesday), tomorrow and Friday.

That means I'm special
Some examples of the work:


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Yay, I have a date. I seriously recommend this show.
If you don't catch the opening, do go check it out during the weekday.

And of course, there is a little pictorial of his work in PREFIX magazine which is available in every book store.

It also features Sarah McGibbon who's a classmate of mine who's showing with Nan Goldin!!!!

Her work is fantastic.
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Originally posted by KillaLadY
That IS very cool... I guess I have something to do Friday afternoon after all.
Great, thanks!

It's a great place for a Friday afternoon. There are so many professional galleries in that complex. And in the summer, a great place to have a tea and smoke on the terrace.

I just got an internship there. I can't wait to be surrounded by Toronto's top curators and artists. It's going to be exciting.
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Great show!
It was nice to see Kung Po Beef!

It was totally dead. But more free booze for us, I guess. Lots of bigwigs there. I was impressed.

But totally dead. Not like a summer show there when it's RAMMED.

Wicked art.

It's on till the 28th so go check it out, people!