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docta seuss

TRIBE Member
just wondering who can point me to a somewhat cheap (around $50-75) set o' headphones, but i'm looking for some excellent sound quality... looks don't matter at all.

my girlfriend wants to get into me beats, and as you all know, good headphones are key to getting the full potential from any music... i've got the rp-dj1200's myself, which i am extremely happy with, but i'm looking for a less expensive alternative for her for x-mas.

thank you kindly for your help


Mike Richards

TRIBE Member
Sony MDRV-500DJ $99
Stanton DJPro2000S $99
Behringer HPX2000 $34
Numark HF125 $20

Nothing 'Excellent' in the 50-75 range but if you can squeeze a little more I'll take care of you.