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Headphone House: Rich Hope - Internal Cleansing


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Headphone House: Rich Hope – The Internal Cleansing

Last mix I put up here was kinda meh so I really tried to make this one a killer. There’s deep, dub, tech, prog, electro - even an on-the-fly re-edit of death cab for cutie - all happily under a trippy and dirty house umbrella. As always, the best tunes and ballsier mixing comes towards the end (probably cause I’m drunk by then), so stay locked:)

Hope you guys enjoy!

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* Shawshank Intro
1 UBQ Project - When I Fell In Love(Original Version)
2 Funky Transport Vs Joneeq - Deeprooted (Jay Tripwire Remix) Flat & Round
3 FRF - Rulebreaker (Island Hopper)
4 Corrie – Exit (4 Kenzo)
5 Stylophonic - Baby Beat Box (Audiofly Remix) Phouse 3
6 Kriece - Tell Me I'm Pretty (Original) Arabica Recordings
7 Vronski and Roach - Election Section (Studiotek)
8 Eloi Brunelle - Piknic Moderne (Mateo Murphy Remix) Epsilon Lab
9 Da Fresh - Funkin Track (Muttonheadz Mix) Re-Edit (Weaked)
10 Milton Jackson - M (Tronicsole)
11 DJ Sulli Feat Princess Superstar - On The Dancefloor (Notbotz Mix)
12 Dub Theory & Nathan – Jah Calling (Care Recordings)
13 M83 - Dont Save us from the Flames (Superpitcher Remix) (Gooom)
14 Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body (RH Re-Edit) CDR
15 Kriece and Basek – Submission (EQ Grey)
16 Flow - Truth And Sunshine (Eat Bass 05 Mix) Urbantorque
17 Jay Tripwire – Soupcan (Amfibius)
18 Galletly - They Been Playin Me Lord (Street Heroes Mix) Short Skirt

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Think this is my fav. mix so far...

Lovin the Stylophonic, Kriece, M83 tracks!

Solid mix - love the trippy and dirty :)
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Love it!

Great stuff, makes me think of if the Tyrant/Burridge sound of the years before meets the indie rock of today. Love the mateo murphy track (I think thats the one at 29 minutes)?.


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I have all your mixes, and all of them are top notch. Good groove, mix and choice of tunes.

Thank You for sharing! :)


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i can't say this is my style, as you know, but the timing and mixing is tight as ever and the tracks are pumping. there's a time, place and space for the proggy deepness, and if this were playing there it would blow things up without a doubt. solid.


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trippy and dirty eh ...right on.
gunna download when i get home later tonight..

i like the name of this mix :)
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things i really like about this mix
1) much like all of your mixes, it never stays in the same place too long...always interesting selections
2) love the melodic touches
3) Milton Jackson -M (i've been wanting to hear this on a big rig for a while now..TUNE!)

solid work



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Rich you have done it again buddy :)

This mix is TOP shelf stuff... totally reminds of a Doc Martin set.. those trippy, psychadelic sounds rock

I like how this mix has lots of tracks I have never heard before!!

This trippy bumpin sound is so fresh


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hell yeah :)

you know i dont always feel your track selections but godamnit rich you sure as hell know how to blend them and make it work. always enjoy hearing (and watching) you mix..
oh and thanks for expanding my musical tastes over the last year (i fookin hate prog) :p

M83! holla!


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Really enjoyed this mix Rich.
The first couple tunes arn't totally my thing but it turns into one hot beatdown.
Very Nice>
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