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He axed for it...


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A Canadian civil affairs officer came in peace yesterday to a destitute Afghan village, removing his helmet and laying his weapon on the ground. He sat cross-legged with tribal elders and produced a notepad, into which he began to faithfully record the people's needs.

From behind, a young man stepped forward suddenly from among the crowd of villagers and raised an axe above his head. With a single cry of "Allahu Akbar," he swung the blade into the top of the Canadian officer's head.
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That story is the worst kind of sensationalist journalism... Gads the Star is a hack paper.


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Big Cheese

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acheron said:
That story is the worst kind of sensationalist journalism... Gads the Star is a hack paper.

what the fuck are you? simple? how is that sensationalist journalism?

hope he pulls through, this is a kicker though :^|

There was macabre irony in the attack on Greene, for he more than any other soldier in the Canadian compound has been dedicated to helping Afghans, with plans of establishing an independent aid organization after leaving the forces.

As the unit's CIMIC officer, Greene had spent the past week together with Schamuhn spearheading a new wave of Canadian engagement with a dozen villages in the area, sipping tea and taking notes on the most acute needs of a region almost entirely bereft of schools, medical facilities, roads and water.

Those meetings, many witnessed by the Star, showed the villagers warming to the newly arriving Canadian troops. A bond, however fragile, appeared to be forming.

In a candid conversation around the Canadian compound campfire Friday night, Greene had spoken at length about his hopes for Afghanistan and his ambitions to continue such humanitarian work when his stint in the military was over.

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Boss Hog said:

What are Canadian troops doing in Afghanistan again? Something about democracy?

yeah why are Canadians ther anyways. I dont see why we should be. We should let soverign nations rule and as long as there isnt genocide we should let civil unrest take its path.
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