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HBO - Ecstasy in a 'Small Town'.. father w/ 13yr old son..


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interesting... just what 'raves' need, to be in the spotlight again and with a story like this to go along with em..



Scott introduces his children to the drug ecstasy in "Small Town Ecstasy."


Scott raves on.

April 24, 2002
This Sunday, a small-town family's drug-induced downward spiral is chronicled in "Small Town Ecstasy," part of HBO's "America Undercover Sundays" series. Tonight on the ET cover story, we have an inside look at the intoxicating special and the dangerous new party drug!

Filmed over the course of a year in a small Northern California community, "Small Town" introduces SCOTT and SHERI, high school sweethearts who married young and have three children, 13-year-old SAM, 15-year-old HEATHER and 18-year-old CRAIG.

The son of a local minister, Scott did not drink or use drugs until he turned 40. Entering a mid-life crisis, this highly extroverted suburban father embarked on a self-destructive path, resulting in a divorce and custody battle because of his addiction to ecstasy -- and the fact that he allowed his children to do drugs with him.

"Small Town Ecstasy" follows Scott as he takes his younger children to outdoor raves and drug-fueled parties and subtly encourages them to join in. Although they try to intervene on his behalf, he resists their attempts and ultimately gives them money to buy and try ecstasy.

Scott is in complete rebellion mode, dying his hair blonde and attempting to adopt the same lifestyle as his 18-year-old son, a college dropout and drug user. But his actions have left Sheri no choice but to file for full custody of the kids after she learns just exactly what her husband is doing to them.

Tonight on ET, we have your first look at this intense and insightful documentary. "Small Town Ecstasy" debuts on HBO Sunday, April 28, at 10 p.m. ET.


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I saw a preview for this on TV tonight. It was pretty fucked up.

The dad was hugging the son, saying "I'm sooo high right now, are you" and the 13 year old was like "oh yeah, I'm soo high too".


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What number is HBO for rogers in toronto? I'm not sure I get that one. Does anyone know if it's on any other channels?

excuse my ignorance, I don't watch much tv


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HBO is Home Box Office, an American cable network. You won't get it here unless you have satellite TV or whatever.

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I've been looking to rent this movie for a while, but the only decent underground video place in Ottawa (Invisible Cinema) deosn't have it.
Any tips on where to rent it in tdot?
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Originally posted by Swamper

Anyone watch this? Shit, time to check the DirecTV schedule.

Oops, I missed the last bit in the article there (10PM on Sunday)

(I had to reply, that quote was total pr0nstar bait)


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i read another article about it.
apparently its more about the fact that the father does indeed love his children dearly, except he lost track of his life, and his mid life crisis is way overstepping its bounds, rather than being about the demonization of the drug itself.

i'd have to watch it to be sure though.


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OMG- u won't believe what happened this week at WMC......

I was at a party at Space nightclub in Miami, and this dude comes up to me & asks if I was rolling. I wasn't, but conversation continuted, and after a minute, this guy starts to look reeeeally familiar. It finally clicks- it's Scott!!! (the dad in this film). In summary, this guy was well into party-mode, and wanted to know where the after party was, cuz he wanted to hang out. He then asked if I wanted to go back to his place, since he was f'ed up, wanted to be with somebody, thought I was nice & cute enough. I kindly refused as I have a boyfriend, & he admitted to having a girlfriend. (why do guys do this???) I refused kindly again, but this time he tried to entice me with promises of oral pleasure. :eek: In the meantime, I just HAD to go around to all my friends there & tell them about this crazy encounter. A few min's later, I was up in the balcony level, and out of the corner of my eye, I see 3 bouncers leading one visibly unhappy Scott out of the club with his arms behind his back.

Poor Scott- he never learns....
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wayne bradbury

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I remember at an E party at that old meat storage place years ago, some dude was there with his kids. He was telling me how his 13 year old son was with him and high on E for the first time and loving it.

I thought it was fucked up.


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doesn't sound so bad to me. at least he didn't blow his family away with a shotgun. (okay, too much CSI, I know...)


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last year I was at a big outdoor festival and I saw a girl who couldn't have been more than 10 or 11, out of her miiiiiiiiiind on ecstasy, wandering around in the daylight..
made me feel weird about drug use for a little while!


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guv or viva on any given night will have various instances of multi-generational partying.

what i don't understand about this special is why he would let camera's into his life. seems pretyy stupid to me.
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Originally posted by fightingskurvy
guv or viva on any given night will have various instances of multi-generational partying.

what i don't understand about this special is why he would let camera's into his life. seems pretyy stupid to me.

If your dumb enough to encourage your kids to do drugs, then your dumb enough to have a camera follow you while doing them.



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unfortunatley i know someone like this, mind you i don't encourage the behaviour and i've told him that i think what he's doing is fucked up. outta sight, outta mind though. seeing stuff like that is really pathetic and makes you think just how much of a hold drugs have on some peoples lives.