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have u ever had to make up your mind?

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by tekno princess, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. tekno princess

    tekno princess TRIBE Member

    for those of u who are having difficulty deciding where to go tomorrow night, perhaps this will make your choice a little easier:

    February 28
    Mission Party

    Element Bar
    553 Queen St. W
  2. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Fuck YEAH! Unfortunately I'll be at work all night doing a fiscal year-end inventory.


    ..and there's no way I'm missing @m's Birthday Bash!
  3. ViShiS*

    ViShiS* TRIBE Member

    Things just became a little clearer.

  4. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    right on...

    now I don't have to rush over and hope that algorithm is still playing at 3am at the pixelate party (for $18!)

  5. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    sweeeeeeeeeet. Now i CAN find the time to pinch Jeff's ass!
  6. ladd

    ladd TRIBE Member

    does element have a dress code?
    i remember talk about this in another thread, or was that at una mas?
    i would like to hit any of these events that has algorithm playing, but no dress code. (i just dont dress good enough):)
  7. ViShiS*

    ViShiS* TRIBE Member

    You can were whatever you want to Element, they are pretty good that way. I never see too many hats though....

    Be yourself.

  8. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    pixelate is now ten bucks ($10) all night.

    welcome to TRIBE Destro!
  9. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    thanks kid.

    but can anyone tell me what time una mas stays open until??

    cause if it is true ($10 all night) then I might head over there later if it's still bumpin at 3 am...but I think it closes at regular bar hours...anyone know for sure??

  10. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    I talked to my friend last night (the girl that's throwing it) - she said they should be able to stay open until around 4 or 4:30.
  11. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    this will be fun....

    Electric Workers...Pixelate...

    dancing til 4am....

    sleeping til 9 am....

    working until midnight saturday....

    rinse and repeat. :)

  12. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    London needs to die

    I have to check this board more often.

    I just gave up my ride to Toronto

  13. Nub!

    Nub! TRIBE Member



    That was me

    stoopid cookies logging me in as someone else
  14. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    Check this out

    Electric Workers
    Fresh @ Savanagh
    Jeff @ Una Mass

    now, I know jeff is spining late so Una Mass is the last stop,
    but how am i going to figure out the other 3 beats me?

    once again D & her crew are painting the town red

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