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hatiras @ hotel !!


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well i must say, manzone and strong..... damn well ripped it up, live remixing on the fly from them made the hype factor, and wow factor really good!!!!

George came on about 1 ish to play to what seemed like a packed house, lotsa shoving and moving through a very mixed crowd, its good to see the house heads out in full effect, regardless of how we dress, act and dance!
ballcaps to chic attire!!!

george threw down a wicked set, not alot of room to dance up on the dancefloor, as it was jammed with dudes and dudettes!!

It was good to see Nat, Josh, represent, and to meet Peter!!!

cheers to a really friendly doorguy, who was really polite, and very attractive barstaff, who were mixing some good drinks without the princess diva "i am a bar goddess" attitude!!

all around solid night out!!!

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good party indeed. Manzone and Strong tear it up there every week and having George there only made the party better. people were going off. tonnes of people dancing the whole night and generally a pretty good vibe throughout.

good times.


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hatiras @ hotel

definetly one hell of an amazing night. Me and my girl michelle came down from london and it was our first time at hotel and i absolutely loved the intimacy and sexiness of the venue, the sound, the people, the vibe.
I was the sweaty out of towner who didnt stop dancing till they turned the lights on after they shut off the music LOL
amazing to meet jelo and carlo and simon (again) and george and macca and joe and fab and everyone else including (but not limited to) globalkiller and barry and the owner and the manager...
left one hell of a good taste in my mouth and i'll definetly come back for more!!