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Hassle(d) Hoff @ Heathrow

Michael Drury

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LONDON (KP International) David Hasselhoff was reportedly denied access when trying to board a plane from London to Los Angeles due to his alleged inebriated state.

Apparently the highly intoxicated Hasselhoff arrived at the British Airways fist class lounge in the Heathrow airport at around seven in the morning. It seems that in his drunken stupor the America's Got Talent judge staggered around, mumbled and he even picked up a manager of a shop... literally.

"He seemed merry," a witness told the UK's Sun. "He's a huge fella and the manageress is tiny. He picked her up and then put her down."

Another observer said, "He wasn't aggressive, he just had problems standing. He was clearly drunk. A passenger asked if he was David Hasselhoff and he said, 'Not at all, you must be mistaken.' The manager said, 'I don't think you're fit to fly, sir.' He told her, 'I think you are right.'"

The Hoff was invited on a later flight if he agreed not to imbibe anymore alcohol.

After the story broke, Hasselhoff's publicist, Judy Katz, said it was "his choice" not to board the plane. She said: "Due to a new medication prescribed on Tuesday by his doctor in London for an infection to his injured hand, Mr Hasselhoff became ill at Heathrow airport and requested to be put on a later flight."

He never stops amazing me. You go Hoff - get yer drunk on at 7am - WERD!
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I command you to look at my Speedo and take my boarding pass.


mitsuko souma

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If this went down at the Dusseldorf airport, he could have been crawling on all fours dressed as a bottle of
Jack Daniels, or completely unconscious, and they STILL would have let him on the plane.
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Well at least he wasn't spewing threats like, "I'm going to F*ck you!!*.. or anti-semitic crap..

Despite being, obviously, completely inebriated, he seemed to handle himself pretty well..

Wish I could say the same about his music/vides...