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Has anyone used these computer skills trainers?

jason klaps

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I attended a course at www.dpac.com.... the facilities were good and the instructors were professional... I've also been to other training sessions at Trios, Polar Bear, Learning Tree, Northern Objects and Destech. To be quite honest, they are pretty much all the same. Destech was a little more ghetto, Northern Objects was the worst ventilation ever... although they subcontracted their facilities from some other company.

The common element to most of these training centers: One lame instructor who claims to have tons of consulting work under his belt. One custom training manual that you walk through. Lots of free pop and cofffee, donuts and bagels in the morning.... a pizza lunch one of the days you're there (some). Learning Tree had ice cream bars in the afternoon and a cappucino machine :)

Syntax Error

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you could use the cds that that old guy sells on tv. he'll even send you one for free since he's so confident that you'll love it and want to buy more. i am so hard right now.


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i attended a course taught by polar bear (they used my employer's facilities) and was very impressed with the instructor (good delivery, very knowledgeable).
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