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Has Anyone Noticed ...


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That Hotmail has changed their slogan
It used to be something like "The Best Free Web Based E-Mail"
Or something like that ... and now it's "More Useful Everyday?"
Can this be foreshadowing Hotmail starting to charge for useage?
Well that ... combined with those stupid "Upgrade" messgaes ... points to no more free Hotmail

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Well... it'll suck to change adresses... but there are at least plenty of free e-mail accounts you can have that probably won't start charging...


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The only reason I own an hotmail account is for MSN. Junkmail blows and Hotmail is chock full of it!

:( <--- Boo Hotmail


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has anyone noticed that Hotmail shows you how much space youhave left on your account..
in percentage form...
that helps out alot..
i think..????

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I actually bought into the ads and purchased the 29.95 a year payment to get my account upgrated. I think it's great. I'm going to Europe for the summer and I'm terrified of getting some huge random forward that will shut down my account if I don't move fast enough. Now this can be avoided.



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Does anyone on hotmail get like 500 sex/get a uni degree/'someone is watchin you' spam emails a day?? I cant even use the fuckin account because its always full of spam shit.

Does this happen to everyone or am I just visiting too many porn sites?
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