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has anyone been to or know anything about Leicester, UK?

Booty Bits

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what is it like?
is it a cool city? is it considered a northern industrial town?
is there lots of crime? the city officially prides itself on being really ethnically diverse, but i wonder if this is actually true. like, do people all hang out together like they do here or is it really socially segregated?

anyway, i still have yet to find anyone who has been there so this thread might die a pathetic death.
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I know its the home of Twisted Individual and I think SS and that its called "the midlands" but that is about it!


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In the town itself there's a large South Asian community there. that's pretty much the only diversity I've seen. But the only times I've gone there was to watch West Ham United spank Leicester FC back in the days when Leicester wasn't crap.

In terms of racial harmony...well, Leicester hasn't really had any ethnic tensions in it like some other cities up North in the UK like in Oldham or Bolton. Birmingham, which is quite close to leicester did have some racial problems last year, but I think it was a one off. Birmingham's not a bad city actually despite what most of the rest of England says about it

Leicester is also the home of Walkers Crisps PLC, possibly one of England's better contributions to world cuisine.


But would you be going to University of Leicester ? I'm sure that would be far more diverse as it is one of the UK's larger uni's


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leicester isnt a northern town. its pretty much right in the middle of England, where nothing much happens.

i went to a pub there once on my way down south. it wasnt very good.

yeah, Leicester blows.

Booty Bits

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omg! walkers cheese and onion crisps!!

love them! i remember having a long time at heathrow and spending all my remaining pounds on individual walkers crisp bags. lol

and giz, no i am actually not planning on going to leicester. i am kinda embarassed to admit it, but i am doing a presentation in school next week on leicester and their multiculturalism policy and 'diversity management' so i wanted to hear from some people who actually know the city. sometimes these journal articles can give a false sense of what a place is really like, ya know?
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yeah, I was just comparing it to Bolton and Oldham which are North. But Leicester is full on Midlands action.