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Oh my gawd!!!

I'm not even sure if I should attempt to try to do this party justice through some internet review... somethings just can't be explained without witnessing it firsthand. But regardless, i apologize in advance for the length i'm sure this will reach.

In a last-minute rather passive decision, we chose to make the trip out to the middle of nowhere to take part in this fall electronic music festival... best decision ever! It's always about the adventures. Long trips, new exotic locations...always make for the best times.

Even just driving down the dirt path to the site where it took place gave me a really, really good feeling about the party, as if it already had a very positive aura... just seeing the glowing barn lit up in the distance and that giant glowing pyramid... I was confident this party would be great before i even got out of the car.

I was amazed at the door prices... only $5 more expensive than advanced tickets, and the generosity and hospitality that we were greeted with by the door people was a very welcome change.

Got there, walked around a bit... chilled by the giant bonfire, ran into some people I hadn't seen in a long long time... drank some ghetto rye/coke combination, then decided to head to the barn to check out the tunes.

Ok....BEST VENUE EVER. My jaw dropped when i walked in. Nice big dancefloor on the ground, nice big dancefloor in a raised loft looking over the other dancefloor (how many times have you had to climb a ladder to get to the dancefloor at a party before?), and the best chill area with multi-tiered haystacks along the other half of the barn. The lighting was perfect, the sound was nice and clear... *ahhhhhhhhh*

And the VIBE....oh god the VIBE!! Everyone having the best times of their lives...everyone there for the music, for the party... no bullshit agendas. Friendly smiles on everyone's faces, the ability to talk to anyone, no politics, no drama, no elitism... a very, very welcome change.

We eventually made our way to the chill pyramid... once again, insane atmospheric lighting...discoball in one corner, matresses all around the edges to chill on (oooh lemme tell you how nice that was)... and some sweet chill tunes.

The music was so great! Everything from minimal techno to breaks to garage (US) to trance... SO GOOD. A nice welcome change. Whoever was spinning the garage around 4am (i think?) totally ruined me. I was so tired but I HAD to keep dancing.

Ahhhhhhhh it's been a long, LONG time since I've been to a party with such an incredible venue, incredible people, and such incredible vibe. What made it for me was lying out in the field and staring up at the billions of stars that were hung above me... it was the clearest night. So perfect.

Tyler - So great seeing you again luv! I wish we could have chilled a bit more and had one of our infamous deep philosophical talks in person.

Green Souljah - Ahhh it had been to long! Memories from Arrival 2000 flooding back! Nice to chill again at least once this summer after the epic summer that was 2000.

Pete - hehehehe thanks for having no spine and trusting me that it'd be a good party, even though it was supposed to be 15 below tonight, right?
I guess I don't really have to say anything. I know you know.




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Once again....
Last year Harvest Festival totally blew me away. Everything about the party showed spirit and the vibe was just incredable. This party was about 2 things. The first would be chillin' in the Pyramid while Chocolate and a few other DJ's threw down every single Ragga track that had the workd weed in it- and the second being groovin out in the barn (words cant describe how perfect the barn actually was) to some wicked DJ's. The Dukes threw down an AMAZING set with some serious new school breaks morphing into some funk filled techno. Adam Marshall and Lotus both played amazing sets (the got the set of night award last year)- but this year it goes to Algorithm. He is easily the most technically talented DJ in the whole planet. I refuse to belive anyone can handle mutiple turntables like that! Dub Nostic threw down some very nice gliding west coast house earlier in the morning.
The bon fire was the best place to chill and regain your energy. Lots of people standing around and chatting and there was an amazing drum circle there earlier in the evening.
And the food! The Harvest was perfect! Amazing soup- the best corn I ever had and some wicked pumpkin pie! This party comeletly rejuvinated my soul.
Teknophreak- See? We know EVERYONE within 2 degrees of seperation
Thanks for the rides!
Tina: Yes
I think we need to have a good philosophization session with some oraganic goodness

Tom (tboy): Fun chillin' and making the tent all smoky.
@m: Amazing funkin' set man! You understand the techno vs breaks thing just right!



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Heres some pics from Matt from www.bleep.ca !!

That is the fire closer to the morning. It was about 2 times the size earlier!

Look at that venue!!!! Thats the main floor. The guy taking the picture is standing on the giant haystack stage (maybe 7 feet up) and to the right you have to climb up a ladder to a nice big open area with couches. And then underneath that area was a little room with some twists and turns and a stobe going off in it really slowly all night long.
mmmmm sooo nice.


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Last night was one of those nights that makes you remember the reason why you started partying in the first place. I don't ever think I've experienced a night where it seemed that not one person brought a single peice of emotional baggage with them. Everywhere I looked people were wearing smiles and were willing to share whatever they could offer (i.e. blankets, seating, kind words).

The greatest part of the whole night had to be the barn -- what an INCREDIBLE set up. Hay was stacked up into an amphitheatre-like state, with a couple of areas for people to dance above the rest of the crowd on the floor. My partner in crime for the night and I took up residence at the very top level and absolutely OWNED the barn for an hour or two
. Plus there was another elevated loft area that required the use of a ladder for access. How fucking cool is that?

But I digress. I could write a ton of other bullshit about yesterday but it wouldn't even begin to sum the total of last nights experiences. For those who were there, you know. For those who weren't -- I truly feel for you....make sure you mark your calendars for next year!


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the harvest festival is dope-diggity...i'd have to say last year's version was the party of the year...too bad i couldn't go this year
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poker face

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One of the best parties of all time!

I had the best time I had in a very long time. Everyone was in such a good mood and was happy to be there. It was nice to see so many people that I have not seen in a while out at that party.

I think everyone that posted before me pretty much summed up the party. The one thing that really stood out eas the vibe. I don't think I have ever seen a vibe like that at a party in my life.

@m you are the man!, lol.

lee <-- can't wait untill next year.


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This party was an amazing experience! I'm soooo happy I was able to go. I didnt feel any negative or bad vibes anywhere. Everyone was smiling and happy and friendly. The barn was SO wicked. There is no way pictures or words can describe this party, but...

pictures: http://www.hazell.com/pic%20pages/harvest.html


huge respect to all those who made this party the phenomenon it was

Bloom! Productions

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great party and great weather to compliment the party! everything happened just right. good production, good sound (although the needles skipped a little here and there), good people, good food and good vibe.

it was nice to meet a lot of toronto people that are doing really good things!

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Well what can I say..It was totally better than what I had imagined! What a beautiful evening it was for this Festival! I am happy it turned out so well for Justin, Lana and Rocco! Totally amazing atmosphere, good food I felt so nourised after eating all the fresh veggies and that pumpkin pie I have no words!(you need no cool whip, need I say more), and the farm was a totally amazing venue..(have to say it was my favourite, very unique!)Happy I got this event on film..MEMORIES!even though I wish I had a digital camera so the quality was alot better! Love those pics Matt!For me this was the perfect end to a great summer! This was truly the summer's end party! All I can say that every dj who performed was really good! The highlight of the night had to be the Dukes, starting the party out with a bang!, Lotus, and Deeno..I kinda passed out in the car after 2:30am..missed ADam Marshall and Algorithm! Oh well..Shouts outs to d.code, @m, KF, Polymermaid aka Christine, Drave,Nukenfutz,Cannon, Jacques and my hubby Justina oops Justin! Anyone else who I missed. Thanks for all the good memories this weekend guys! Those of you who missed this event should be ashamed of them selves!(kidding)Harvest Festival 2001 rocked!


Adam Duke

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">@m you are the man!, lol. - poker face</font>
ha, i did however have a slight advantage in that i wasn't mashed to heck and so drunk that i could almost fall over!

i had a FANTASTIC time at this party - WHO SAID EVER SAID VIBE WAS DEAD? It just goes to show you that we CAN still find bliss together in this scene! On top of that, I have to say that the music all night was STELLAR and not only am i glad that kf and myself had the opportunity to rock it out a bit in the barn, but I'm SO EXCITED that i was able to catch another tight Algorithm set. SKILLS! He knew it too, the cocky bastard was smirking the whole time....thanks, jeff! Sourfly in the other tent KICKED MY ASS as always, definately one of the most creative and sonically groovy live PA's in Toronto.

I even had to oportunity to chill out with a sexy gal and be schooled on some fresh electro I'd never heard - IT WAS BOMB and you can bet yer ass I'll be ordering some online this week!

tech care,

@m. &lt;--also can't wait for next year!

(ps: huge round of applause for Justin, Lana and all that organized this event - 5 years of attending Justin's events and he has most consistantly held the torch for solid events and excellent vibe)


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I ended up leaving at noon on Sunday, when my hangover caught up with me.

I was amazed at how many people I recognized from Om!

Tyler, sorry I missed ya... T-boy and @m, nice chattin as usual.

I just have no idea what to add to this thread, except: everybody is right. The Harvest Festival was THE shit. Vibe, music, space, concept, value, execution - perfection.
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Everyone here has summed up my experience at HarvestFest!

I've been partying for awhile, and this definitely ranks as one of the best parties I've been to all time.

What better way to celebrate the start of autumn than with amazing music, amazing vibe, and amazing people!

To the people I danced/chilled/partied with most of the night (Scott, Janet, Martha, Pam), you made my night even more enjoyable.

I met so many wonderful people throughout the night (I do remember talking to Kix briefly in front of the DJ booth when Adam Marshall was on). Smiles on everybody faces! I wish every party could be like this one.

Props to the promoters! I hear that Justin is moving on to different things, but hopefully his parties will live on!

STAN &lt;- still feeling the party

p.s. Jasmine, email me baby!

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hardtekfunk:
ha, i did however have a slight advantage in that i wasn't mashed to heck and so drunk that i could almost fall over!

So true, and I realized that in the morning


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by stanimal:

I met so many wonderful people throughout the night (I do remember talking to Kix briefly in front of the DJ booth when Adam Marshall was on). Smiles on everybody faces! I wish every party could be like this one.
Word! Great talking to you.

Ahhh this party still makes me smile. I just got my pics back too....sooo good!

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I am so glad this event went off so well. I didn't make it, but I had a great feeling about it from the start. Respect to the organizers and promoters. Hopefully next year I can make this one.