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Harry Choo Choo Romero CD!

Special K

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yea i know

im there 100%

anyways cd is out next tuesday! i saw a tracklisting for it and it looks pretty good!!!


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was it just me or was this a very mediocore night? maybe everyone was at bittersweet but i was veeerrry happy when evil p came on.
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CD is at HMV on Bloor and is well worth whatever I paid for it. I can't belive that he played a mediocre set at System, lucky I missed it so my love for him in untainted.

tack listing:

beats vol.2- harry romero
thrill me- junior jack
tangerine- dj touche & pepe
ghetto tears- whiplash
drug- the drug pinks
la la land- green velvet
vision- john thomas
tribal america- deep south
got to have your love- palmrich & jose nunez
love is a better feeling- clive moore
ex machina ad astra- recycled loops
i'm so crazy- part one
on the case- rob hood
diabla- funk d'viod
can't stop us now- lost souls inc.

coffe beats vol.2- del gado
i'm feeling moody-wolf n flow
shake it- jack prongo
corruption-harry romero
mad joe- archigram
soire- czr & ito
just once- piliavin & zimbardo
timeless- rino cerrone
da loop- chris cowie
beats vol. 2- harry romero
digital disco-si storer
takin' hold of me- l'more
raock you, rock you- those two