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Hardknox: has anyone seen their live show?


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I was goin through some cds i haven't listened to in a while and saw the hardknox self titled cd. so i threw it on, and damn, those hard edge breaks still sound amazing.

so i was wondering if they've ever been to Toronto, or if anyone's seem them live and how are they live? I don't even know for sure if they're not just a strictly studio project, and don't even play live.

and has anyone heard of anything they've been doing since that cd? do they have a new one? have they done any new remixes? does hardknox still even exitst?

any info would be appreciated, cause hardknox were fuckin' great.

justin surdit

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THATS HILARIOUS - I just popped that same cd in my car yesterday, and I was wondering the same thing!!!!!!

I havent heard of anything by them since that album (its too bad too, cause their shit rocks the casbah)......I'm gonna have to check out their website again, and see if it has been updated lately......


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that IS a wierd coincidence man.

i checked out the site listed on the back of the cd: hardknox.net, but it looks like that site's down.