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At first when I saw the venue.. I was wondering exactly how many people you can fit in there. 10 maybe?
I went in- went downstairs- went all the way to the back saw the upstairs- and was impressed. This venue is very sweet. Smaller and very fun. The place never filled up completely and it was perfect..
We made a giant tower out of Purple Heaven fliers wich was fun. 1 am rolled around and I ventured downstairs to see the DJ finishing his set to a room with not a person in it. I stepped up and it wasnt very long intill the room filled up. The sound system in there wasnt very good- and I blew a speaker (yay!). I played for about an hour and a bit and got a good response. The rest of the music downstairs was pretty jammin. Nice house and groove.
Eventually we just left and searched for spleef wich Im lighting up right now

Good party- small- and actually "rave" feeling.

rating: 7/10

"Techno DJ's do it deeper"
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i got there late..just before my set...it was nice to see some familiar faces i haven't seen in awhile...i still had a buzz on from the drinking my gf and i did at the DMC competition....
venue was unique to say the least...
i started off playing some hardhouse but laid down some breaks and actually..played almost a good 45 minute breaks set which was a nice change of pace...kudos to those who bared the heat in that room and danced =)

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Adam Duke

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ha ha!!! wicked pics!

The one of Elixer and LeFreak is fantastic!

Those 'Dukes' though,...what a couple a punk asses......