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Hardcore records 4 sale


TRIBE Member
here we go..
some are old classics, others a bit newer..
Im mostly interested in trades, for older jungle / drum and bass.

Magic Trip - L.A. Style - Infinity
Find another way - Cpt. Hollywood - Dig It
Tangoa - ZONG - Hyper Hyper
I wanna be a hippy - Technohead - Hyper Hyper
Everybody on the floor - Tokyo Ghetto pussy - Dance pool
I kiss your lips - Tokyo Ghetto pussy - Dance pool
Victim - EC8OR - DHR
Final Bodylotion (incl. No worries) - Bodylotion - Terror Traxx
The world of VINYLGROOVER prt 2 - incl. TIME, Love to be etc 2x12"
Children - AIR MILES - Baby boom
Heart of Gold - Force and Styles - Diverse
On a ragga tip - SL2 (force adn styles rmx) - First recs.
Devotion - Sy and Demo - Quosh
Pure release - Slipmatt - Balistik
I feel alive - Twin Terror - Hell recs.
EYE OPENER - Brisk and Trixxy - Slammin Vinyl
Only Love - Dj Synergy - Explosive
Bust the new jam - Seduction & Eruption - Impact
Spaceman Hardcore remix (rare) - White label
Paradise and Dreams - Force and Styles - Diverse
Falling in Love - raveolution - Dance pool
Positronic Brain - Mystify - Quality



TRIBE Member
I'm interested in:

Children - AIR MILES - Baby boom

But I don't have any jungle/D&B to trade.

I'll buy it off you.


TRIBE Promoter
I'm interested in:

I wanna be a hippy -technohead -hyper hyper
everybody on the floor -tokyo ghetto pussy
I kiss your lips -tokyo ghetto pussy
final bodylotion -bodylotion - terror trax
world of vinylgroover pt 2
devotion -sy & demo - quosh
eyeopener -brisk & trixxy - slammin vinyl
spaceman hc rmx- white label

For trade in I have:

jurassic park/eye of the dinosaur -A-sides,mole the dipper -bear necessities 93
dark guru/you need me/protocol/hit n run -mole the dipper,a-sides -bear necessities 93
stormtrooper/ruffin it up
-tight control -bear necessities 94
fast & loose/slightly sinister
-bliss & tumble -bear necessities 96
turbulance/d cycles
-mission control -genetic stress 97
where does it hurt/tripli-cut
-mission control -genetic stress 98
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