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Hardcore mix


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Holy shnikes!!

Not a thread in site!

Not sure if I can do this on the board, but I'll do it anyway.

http://www.mind-trix.com/~ninjaboi/Psyklone-Hardkore_ to_ the _penis.MP3

Disc jockey: Psyklone
Music: hardcore/gabber
Time: 74 minutes
Space: 29 mbs (.mp3)
Description: trancy, evil, bouncy, fun.

This is the first installment of mixes that I will be offering. Expect a variety of hardcore and happy hardcore, and if I'm really bored, some Chicago Hard House.

Feedback/opinions/death threats/fan mail are always encouraged and welcome.



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if thats the same one you sent me it was really good...
and im not even too huge on hardcore!

i like how it has the rocky theme at the begining like the other tape you made me, is that like a trademark?


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Actually no... I made your tape a day before the hardcore mix!! So it's just coincidence really... :)



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Oh joey, I'm so glad there's someone else that appreciates OUR music on this board!!

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