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Hardcore DJ Sets that I like


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Don't have links for the luna-c one, but

Rukkus - The Soundtrack of Intimacy.

panacea - found a lover
luna c - my angel
panacea - love me/habibi (remix)
brisk - airhead (vagabond remix)
brisk n ham - crazy love (breeze n styles remix)
storm n euphony - wheres ya head at
dj error - die oh
euphoria - forbidden fruit
dougal n gammer - rainfall (remix)
recon - right here
storm n euphony - first kontact
dj uplift - midnight resistance
storm n spinback - obvlivion
phospher - bootycalls
scampy n mayhem - exterminize
knifehandchop - i hate your fucking face
blender n fantazia - oh my god
belladonnakillz - killbelladonna (panacea remix)
nightbreed - pack of wolves (pendulum remix)
kaos n sharkey - get fucked
uberdruck - drugface
scott brown n marc smith - hardcore you know


The PANACEA - Wondershowzen Mix Pt. 1 - [April 2006]

1.the panacea - the age of the machine (mashup)
2.raiden & propaganda - inside the sarcophagus (offkey dub)
3.thepanacea - 7 mins pissbreak (mashup)
4.thepanacea - human battledroids (mashup)
5.limewax - raptor (tech freak dub)
6.dylan & skitty - disguised as an angel of light (bastard child dub)
7.the panacea - calcifer (offkey dub)
8.fanu - world behind a world (soothsayer9
9.scott brown - we don't stop (evolution)
10.the panacea - raised by hitekk murders (mashup)
11.the panacea - every6 (mashup)
12.propaganda - nobody listens to techno (position chrome dub)
13.code blue & the panacea - headstone shuffle (position chrome)
14.counterstrike - snuff (algorhythm dub)
15.the panacea - future's futile (mashup)
16.raiden - i hate you motherfuckers (freak dub)
17.propaganda - windmill & keys (position chrome dub)
18.counterstrike - timewarp (algorhythm dub)
19.raiden & dylan - preacherman (freak dub)
20.raiden - pidzdets (position chrome dub)
21.spl - global chaos (freak dub)
22.codeblue & the panacea - graveyard twist (position chrome)
22.propaganda - the real (offkey)

http://www.demostreams.com/app/ds/_downloadSong.cfm?userid=panacea&song=The Panacea_Wondershowzen (Pt.1).mp3


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alcid said:
Not crazy about this one. Too much ch33se The other one's good though!

yeah, it's definately cheese. I'm not a fan of cheese usually, but rukkus does it alright.

And yeah, panacea owns. he's easily the best hardcore DJ in the world. I would go as far to say this his dj performance was among the best rave performances i've ever seen. his mixing is so tight, and his eclectic track collection is just rockin.
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bowzer - Who listens to this shit anyways? (DNB/Hardcore Mix)

(Also posted this in the dj mixes forum... but figured more people would see it/be interested in here)

Here's my latest mix... it's pretty similar to the "Split Personality" mix I put out about a year ago. Seriously heavy cross-genre double drops, I'd have to say this is my best mix yet. I've included some iTunes artwork for all you iPod users too. Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think!

bowzer - Who listens to this shit anyways?
DOWNLOAD: http://mixes.bowzer.net/bowzer-who_listens_to_this_shit_anyways-july06.mp3

01 MC Beefy - Beefy, Beefy! (Pendulum VIP)
02 Ham - Remembering the Time
03 Raiden - Infection (E-Sassin Remix)
04 Elevate - All you see and hear
05 Clipz - Smash *
06 TC - Deep
07 Brisk & Scott Brown - Mindpunks *
08 Hooligans of the Nuskool 5 - Music so wonderful
09 Krust - Warhead (TC Remix) *
10 EZ Rollers - Ready for Love (Clipz Remix)
11 Brisk - Airhead (Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. Remix)
>> Futurebound & Jaquan - Blind Cobblers Thumb (Baron Remix) *
12 Futurebound & Matrix - American Beauty
13 Scott Brown - Return to Elysium
14 Pendulum - Vault *
15 Friction & K-Tee - Let Loose (TC Remix) *
16 Scott Brown - Twilight Zone *
17 The Upbeats - Lick-A-Demon
18 Neophyte - Braincracking
19 Q-Tex - Ice Cold
20 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - More like you (Unknown Error Remix)
21 Sub Focus - Airplane
22 Double Dutch - Movin' On *
23 Dilinja - 96 Thing
24 Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (UFO! Vip)
>> Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)
>> Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria (Pendulum Remix) [3 deck mix] *
* = Double Drop mix

This set was recorded using three Technics 1200 MK2's and a Pioneer DJM500, live on July 6th 2006. It was submitted for the 'New Talent Stage' contest at the World Electronic Music Festival of 2006 (WEMF2006).

P.S - The first track is a joke ...if you haven't seen the video, search on YouTube.com for "MC Beefy". Trust me, its hilarious.

1hr 4mins 2 seconds / 192kbps .mp3 / http://www.bowzer.net
Booking Information - bowzer@bowzer.net
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speaking of lenny fuckin dee

Lenny Dee and Radium's New Music Video
Check out Lenny and Radium's music video which is being played on French TV.
1st time hardcore is receiving national airplay in France.


Title : Headbanger Boogie
Artists : Lenny Dee & Radium feauturing MC Charm
Time : 3'32
Copyright : (C) 2005 Audiogenic
Producer : Audiogenic & Canaille Prod.
Director : Sebastien Fillinger
Country : France

<3 music vid n track
wish i had rights and made this music video


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this core core whore is back and in full effect.
delta 9 is coming here! event listing is posted.


unfortunately i have no new sets.
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This is suppose to be a breakcore set. fuck i don't even know the difference between the genre's anymore.
I never did get to see delta 9 or go to montreal fuckin sucks.

Copied from a myspace bulletin

So recently I posted that I'd be willing to accept some DJ bookings now and then.. but then I realized that it'd probably help if people had some sort of idea of what to expect. Anyway, here's a nice little mix I made a while ago! Most of the stuff that's mine should be out by the end of the year (if it's not already out) and the other stuff.. well.. yeah who knows? Anyway, here ya go!

Reese - August 2006 Studio Mix
http://noleftturn.autisticpig.com/mixes/Reese_-_August_2006_Mix.mp3 (Right click and "Save As..")

01// John B - Broken Language - Beta Recordings
02// Cube::Hard & Poison Rain - Stingray - JAL
03// The Acolyte - Wipe Away (Reese Mix) - Electronic
04// Darwin ft. Chloe - In The End (Cube::Hard Mix) - RFU Recordingz
05// Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Runaway (Reese Mix) - KFA LTD
06// Belladonnakillz - Kill Bella Donna (Panacea Mix) - Perverted & Proud
07// Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (Bipolar Vocal Mix) - Breakbeat Kaos
08// NuFoundation - Liberation (Reese Mix) - Warped Science
09// Jon Doe & Lisa Abbott - Timebomb (Cube::Hard Mix) - CLSM
10// Reese & Vicky Fee - In My Dreams - Electronic
11// Blakestar - Mercury Rising (Reese Mix) - Electroplates
12// Abeyance & Shauny C vs Gammer ft. Jenna - Have U Ever (Cube::Hard Mix) - HCC
13// Reese - Cross the Line - K12/RFU
14// The Acolyte ft. Amy - My Heart - RFU Recordingz
15// Cube::Hard - Micro N2 - RFUGrey001

Hope you enjoy the mix, it'd be nice to see more people play this type of music.. but I guess that's what I'm here for!


Trust me, download this.

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Right-click, Save as >>> http://airheadonline.net/mixes/Psyklone -WWYEDWMR.mp3

(hosting possible by Airhead's Mannik)

knifehandchop - tuity fruity booty (hardcore remix)
hellfish - man vs machine
we exist - evil old man-filtered drum loop
dj mutante - funk get drunk
unexist & tommyknocker - step into our world
nasenbluten - dermal plating
the prodigy - ruff in the jungle bizness
idealz - sunshine
dj japan & al core - our way
dj mutante - hxc booty
bryan fury - death be not proud
parasite - i ain't no criminal
duran duran duran - the sick generation
dead sector - it's not a party without the freaks
dj fistfuck - i never can say good-bye
delta 9 - the one and only
wnodtlem - one single ticket on the number 13 please

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