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Hardcore DJ Sets that I like


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Originally posted by ravinjunkie
It's love/hate relationship with that mix. How was Darkrave? I really wanted to go. Oh well. Are you gonna go to montreal for dj promo?

p.s. HAPPY HULLA hahahaha.

Some big technical problems but once solved it was good, thanks for asking... and love hate eh heheh cool

maybe i know i have a drive up there to see him :D


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sigh, why the fuck aren't there any hardcore dj's on tribe?
So fucking ridiculous.
One day, I will move to the Netherlands.


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I think she's superduper hot. She wants the tunes for her workouts. ;) Pretty intense. ME-OW.
What about me? no asked whether i look hot? :mad:

hee hee. I thought that was pretty amusing.
In other unrelated news, I really want to go see Dj Promo. I have to convince AmunRa. Another dirtyhullahhcslut. Hehe.

Oh Jay - are you vezee [or whatever] on TR?
just wondering.
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Originally posted by ravinjunkie
I think she's superduper hot. She wants the tunes for her workouts. ;) Pretty intense. ME-OW.
What about me? no asked whether i look hot? :mad:

hee hee. I thought that was pretty amusing.
In other unrelated news, I really want to go see Dj Promo. I have to convince AmunRa. Another dirtyhullahhcslut. Hehe.

Oh Jay - are you vezee [or whatever] on TR?
just wondering.
that would be me :)

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Thanks AmunRa for posting this up!

ok this shit doesnt come along every day especially if you know who mental wreckarge is, not only is this mother fucker and anwsome fucking producer, that puts alot of new style artist to fucking shame, but he is a deck killer....

:: DJ Paranoia Invites... ::
Every 14 days a new mix will appear from eather DJ Paranoia or either one of his special guest DJ's. This 1 hour piece of mix is homerecorded and is made from high quality. You can download this for free and this everytime for a period of 14 days. To give you already a pretaste of what you may expect, we give you the names of the special guest DJ's who will make a mix for the online hardcore mixprogram: Paranoia Invites...

The Names are: DJ Daisy, Tha Playah, Partyraiser, DJ Kristof & MC Chucky, Mad Dog, Evil Activities, Niel, Dazzler, D-Passion, Ferox, Mr. Sinister, D-Spirit, Nightmare DJ, Reflect, Delirium, Sceletor, Teaser, Pan Pangenetor, Don Vito, Red Alert, Mental Wreckage, Demon Queen, Tro-Clon, Smurf, The Vinyl Junk

:: Describtion: Hardcore Mix by Mental Wreckage
:: Mix size: 48,5MB
:: Mix file: mp3
:: Mix length: 61.45 minutes
:: Download: click
:: Tracklist:
01. The DJ Producer & Manu Le Malin - Special Request
02. Ophidian - Lynched
03. Tieum - Tresso
04. Armageddon Project - In The Underworld
05. Razor Edge - Chewing On The Razor
06. Electronic Pig - Whitest Tightest
07. Mute. - Misery In Motion
08. Tieum - Deviance
09. Rude Awakening - Revolting Against
10. Broken Rules - Blast-Off
11. Petrochemical - Netherworld
12. The Outside Agency - 740 mHz - Inertial Overtone
13. Mindustries - Translated Visions
14. Mental Wreckage - Ediskrad
15. Rude Awakening - Headhunter
16. Meccano Twins - Intro-Mission (Mental Wreckage remix)
17. The Outside Agency - Screaming Phoenix VIP
18. Armageddon Project - From The Ashes
19. Enzyme X - Skummes
20. D'Spyre & Hamunaptra - Threebond Of Consent
21. Catkiller - Evirddrah


luving it.


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I can't stand this stupid track.

I know there is something in the wake of your smile.

I hate happy hardcore. There isn't anything happy about it.

i can't stand this! I need something darker.
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u need to download some white elephate, DJ sy and unknown early stuff, pre 98 white elephant is pre 95 thats real happy hardcore, this stuff they produce now is commericalized speedup trance,


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When is Amunra going come up with a new mix?

Wow, I haven't posted in here for along time. Amunra was feeding me enough mixes to keep me happy.


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let's wake this fucking forum up!

I think i'll start posting other mixes that I listen to. At least, more people will be visiting this thread.


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Discovered G-O-L-D

once again, thanks to AmunRa giving me this link.

There are tons of other sets besides hardcore but since people do come in here and look in...I thought i'd post it in here.

Warning: Low sound quality

I have only downloaded one set so far - which is ragga jungle. :cool:
However, it has really poor sound quality.

Anyway, enjoy
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damn. I haven't posted in here in ages. I do have a website full of mixes.

I haven't listened to them all, but my favourite one is lenny dee Montreal 2004.

It just so happen I actually got a chance to see him in TORONTO on Easter Sunday!!!! We really are truly spoilt here in Toronto.

Embryon did a fucking stellar job putting the event together, despite low attendance. Those are into hardcore truly really missed out.


I absolutely loved his set and almost had ten heart attacks keeping up with his set. I remember he started out with hard techno then went into hardcore.
I truly loved it. There are some tracks in the mix I posted previously which he did play and I was FLOORED! so happy! I really really really wish it was recorded. However, there was some technical difficulties [a standard in Toronto I find] and it could be done.

Nevertheless, I can still always listen to this set, with a big smile on my face think back to how awesome Lenny Dee played that night [yup he did do some stratching]
I loved the way he spun, he was really into and gave it his all.

He did recently play in Philadephia - sigh as usual I was unable to attend.
i am sure he fucking kicked ass.

I even got a chance to meet him and take my usual dj whore photo, which evidently shows how sweaty I really got. HA!

An awesome really downtoearth dude. Definitely someone I really look forward to seeing again.

awwww. listening to set reminds me of what a good time I had.

next hardcore event to look forward to:

666! woooooooooooo


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here is a small review on an unmentionable forum
the architech said:
It was a pretty good party. not as good as I expected though. Irene was probably my favorite set of the night. Crystal Method were pretty good, but not as good as I expected such big name DJs to be.

I was laughing a lot when the crowd would cheer wildly no matter what they did. My favorite moment was when one of them picked up a flight case and held it over his head and the crowd went nuts. He didn't really do anything other than hold a box over his head, but apparently that was awesome. silly sheeple.

Lenny Dee's hard techno set was better than his hardcore set. I think some hardstyle is fun, but non-stop for hours is too boring for me. his techno set was the most interesting of the night for the hardcore room.

some of the guys in the hip-hop room were impressive turntablists

Icey was good as usual

the trance was pretty good, but slow for me haha
as you can tell, i'm a little unentertained.

yup his set in toronto was much better than this [the one i'm listening to]
le sigh!


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I'm not posting an event listing, purerave is down and I can't wait to post this!


12am-Roland The Bastard - UK
1am-Rex Manning
2am-Harddtripp & Lairdriver

11pm-Mr Brown

9pm-Amunra vs Radiate
10pm-Since Doomsday
1:45-B7 & Deztro

I get to see AmunRa, LeFreak AND ROWLAND!



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hardcore sets i've got in rotation:

Luna-C FM
Rukkus - The Soundtrack of Intimacy.
The PANACEA - Wondershowzen Mix Pt. 1 - [April 2006]
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