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Hardcore DJ Sets that I like


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Here's a really good one to start off with. I shall post some more later When I feel like it.

I went to a Goodfellaz event and heard Psyklone play - I think he's a fanastic dj.


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I HAD to post these tracks up because I really like them and can't stop listening to it. My favourite one is the last mp3 - I love it ! These tracks are really creative and i love the way it's pretty smooth.

If you are into these tracks - Download Dj Saskrotch - Broken Needles. I posted in up in the breakcore thread. THat mix is freaking amazing although i find it quite choppy at times.


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^ oh my gosh I just actually just finished listening to this mix.
It's not bad but wtf I've never heard the 'N' word used so much. Apologies if I offended anyone even though it's hardcore. ;) come peeps post up some gabba stuff. share the wealth!
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So apparently, people are coming and looking at the sets that I post up.

That's fab. Right now im looking forward to DJ Miscreant posting some dj mixes up for me.
:d I love special dj mixes ;)

I hope people are enjoying the sets Im posting up.


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I will give a huge ass Mix review in a few days to come. Been listening to it for the past three days.

<3 :D

I will be including my huge ass thank you to you, Miscreant. Im so in love with Miscreant right now.
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HHC (bouncy older stuff)


Dj Trainwreck - Unforgotten: A Journey Into Athems

01. DJ Demo - Your Mine (Slipmatt rmx.) - Universal
02. Force & Styles - Your Love (Get Down) - Happy Trax
03. Anon - Juicy Cuts Vol. 3 - Juicy Cuts
04. Sy & Unknown - What Is A DJ - Quosh
05. Force & Styles - Wonderland - Dance Paradise
06. Midas - Can't Stop (Ham rmx.) - Fusion
07. Vinylgroover - Time - White
08. DJ Stompy - Test of Time - Rave N' Beats
09. Black & White - Stars - Slammin' Vinyl
10. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - Love Toy - Essential Platinum
11. Paul Eltsak - Love U More - Rotterdam
12. Shy FX - Original Nuttah (Aphrodite rmx.) - White
13. Monty & D'Skys - U Had It All - Slammin' Vinyl
14. DJ Storm - Love is the Only Way - Fusion
15. Bang - Hyperspace - Next Generation
16. Oblivion - In To Oblivion - Next Generation vs. Blatant Beats
17. Anon - Happy Strike Vol. 1 - Ravers Choice
18. Double Dutch - Make 'Em Bounce - Blatant Beats
19. Kingsize & Eternity - You Belong To Me - White
--. Vinyl Syndicate - Man of Steal (Urban Takeover rmx.) - Urban Takeover
20. Spinback & Mallards feat. MC Ruff - Babylon Time - Earth
21. Anon - Ravers Choice Vol. 7 - Ravers Choice
22. Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Kiss Your Lips - Naughty But Nice
23. Jimmy J - Forever Young - White

Outtro by MC Everybodies Daddy

This was stolen off another board. This was an "ok" mix. Nothing hot to trot, some parts I cringe to hear the tracks. Anyway that's just a tidbit, I still have to post a proper review on miscreant's mix.

Enjoy people. I hope peeps are downloading mixes.


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^ that mix is very close to going into the trash bin. I apologise for putting crap on your hard drives. Bloody hell. I should be hardcore dj.


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Someone posted up on another board some dj sets. I decided to put it here in my thread because I want to keep it alive and post some other type of music up here.
I have noticed the views for this thread is going up. Thank you all for checking out my thread and I hope you are downloading some mixes! woo hoo
anyway here is the url

Hardstyle,Trance e.t.c I have not downloaded any of the mixes as yet so no promise reviews! ;)

Im working on my miscreant review now, it's not as big as I expected it to be but I have to keep my promise.

Use Winrar to extract the downloads:
// Vortex live @ ZeroDB (m2o) 27-03-2005
// Dazzle live @ Party Place (SlamFM) 28-03-2005
// Hardstyle Revolution Download Special !!
// DJ N3ck live @ Hard Onez' Radio 29-03-2005
// Warmduscher live @ Pickup (SSL) 23-03-2003
// Bas & Ram @ Club Fresh (FreshFM) 28-03-2005
// Bas & Ram live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Qdance)
// DJ Mind-X live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Q-dance)
// Kalashnikov live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Qdance)
// Tommy Pulse live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Q-dance)
// Trance Generators live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Qdance)
// Yoji Biomehahnika live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Q-dance)
// Yves DeRuyter live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Q-dance)
// Ferry Corsten live @ Partynight (538) 27-03-2003
// Kai Tracid live @ MAD (Trance-Escape) 26-03-2005
// Andre Visor live @ Technoclub (SSL) 24-03-2005
// Bobby V live @ Club Fresh (FreshFM) 23-03-2005
// Don Diablo live @ Panama 19-03-2005
// The Prophet vs Masochist live @ In Qontrol 2012
// Dr. Rude live @ MOH Radio 23-03-2005
// Bas & Ram live @ Club Fresh (FreshFM) 21-03-2005
// Jimmy the Sound live @ La Gare 18-03-2005
// Joop! live @ Party Place (SlamFM) 16-03-2005
// Johan Gielen live @ In Session (SlamFM) 19-03-2005
// Warmduscher live @ Pickup (SSL) 16-03-2005
// Zany live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Qdance)
// Scot Project live @ In Qontrol 2012 (thanks to Q-dance)
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http://milo.nuistic.com/mixes/Gobst...Your Core.mp3


01. Let's Rock - The Scrumbleheads
02. I Run These Streets - Luna C
03. Turntable Savage - Hellfish
04. Natural Born Killaz - Dr. Dre & Ice Cube
05. Natural Born Killaz (Jungle Rip) - Overcast
06. 2010: A Booty Odessey - DJ Nasty
07. Boombastic (Boom The Dance Hall Dub) - Shaggy
08. Boom Boom - DJ Paul Elstak
09. Happy Birthday (Tellurian Mix) - Technohead
10. Stars - Lownoise & Theo
(A tribute to Bob Marley)
11. DHSS Orange - DHSS
12. Jammin' (Edwin Bautista rmx) - Bob Marley
13. Boom Shack A Lak - Apache Indian
14. Da Boy Is Bangin' - Mark V & Poogie Bear
15. Flat Beat (rip) - Joining Of The Clans
16. One Family - DJ Unknown
17. Darkzone - DJ Storm & Blade
18. Eyeopener (Scott Browns Earcloser rmx) - Brisk & Trixxy
19. Boomstick - Scott Brown
20. Gabber Over Tetris - Walter One
21. Hoolikore - J Maican Ravers
22. Anna Ball Lick Frolic - Virus & Gobstoppa
23. I Wanna Be A Hippy (Speadfreak rmx) - Technohead
24. My Little Fantasy (Bass D & King Matthew rmx) - 4 Tune Fairytale
25. That's All Folks - The Ome

Any Questions or comments?email:

Some parts of this mix, I was loving it. Other parts, I puzzled and not so fond of. I forgot to post this one. This was posted around 14th March 2005. Enjoy. I love the track, I wanna be a hippy. I go crazy everytime i hear it.


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Re: This is not a hardcore track

Hey ravinjunkie.

Are you a girl or a guy?

just wondering.

I have never been into Harcore, where should I start?

a good beginers set would be?_____________


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hey chipotle. Hardcore isn't just one type of genre, it's made up of different ones. You can start by reading the What's the difference thread.

Quite honestly, all depends on what type of music you like. Everytime I used to listen to house, I always wanted to hear more bass. I prefered hard house. When I had napster, all I did was pretty try to download hard house, when I came across Dj Promo hard house god. It was probably someone who labelled the dj wrong. Somehow I came across happy hardcore, I liked that alot although sometimes I find it quite plain. Anyway I started searching for more mp3's and came across GABBER!!! to be specific - Rotterdam Gabber. Neophyte,Rotterdam Terror Corps, Lady Dana (she plays harddance now) e.t.c
Ever since then, I pretty much started downloading anyting related to Gabber.

I don't really have many mixes I could recommend to you, except for tracks. I have posted some different type of hardcore mixes but I wouldn't recommend them if was your first one. PM me, I'll give you my msn contact if you want some mp3's.


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awesome, say hi for me to Marites



However, I will take your advice into consideration and I am definetly going to check out some of these mix.
I dunno, I just saw how interested you were with regards to this mixes and I wanted to check them out.
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y0 ravinjunkie,

If you like gabber, go check out some Montreal parties. I went to see Delta 9 this past weekend and it was awesome. They love their gabber up there [bigger following than Toronto], and I know they're bringing tonnes of good producers in the near future... that's all I can say at the moment, you'll just have to trust me.

Thanks for putting up my set, just wanna mention that our site is down at the moment, and should be back promptly.



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You should let me know dude!!! Off topic Im having such a hard time deciding whether I should check out your set on the 23rd or go see dj Hype. It totally blows they are on both on the same night.

You are welcome. :D


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From another forum - DJ Ext

Hardcore News Vol.1

Here's my weekly hardcore newsletter for canadian hardcore fans.


1. Omar Santana Canadian Tour Confirmed

Tha's right, Omar, the driving force behind H2OH and Tricked Out Recordings announced his Canadian Tour scheduled for July. Dates include July 2nd, in Montreal Quebec, and a special appearance at WEMF 2005, somewhere north of Toronto on July 9th. More dates to be announced shortly. For more information, visit:


2. Hullabaloo Ends on July 9th

The time has come for hullabaloo to end. July 9th is the date for the last hullabaloo event, which takes place at the Opera House. Line-up consists of hulla regulars, Anabolic Frolic, Silver 1 and D-Minus. Special sound and lighting is expected, as well as farewell sets from Silver 1 and D-minus as they hang up their happy hardcore hats this night and move on to greener pastures. Tickets sold out in 8 days, so you'll have to keep your eyes open for 2nd hand tickets. Make sure they are legit though. Also, you can check out the 2nd last hulla on April 30th with headliner Scott Brown. Visit:


3. Endymion Thanks Canada for their Hospitality

As many of you know, dutch hardcore masters Endymion were in Canada for a special 2 city mini-tour in March. The duo slammed some of the hardest classics and new un-released material for the crowds in Toronto and Quebec City. They tossed out free records to the crowd and shook hands with everyone they met, making them the nicest dutch people this reporter has ever met. Too bad they didn't bring their wooden shoes!
Check out their full report, as well as video and pictures from the visit on endymion.nl:


Stay tuned for next week's edition of Hardcore News.
For more information, please visit http://www.djext.ca
or contact exT@hardcoretechno.ca
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