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hard+soul sunday religion Dec.30th- Jan.27th,2002


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The hard+soul tradition continues into the new year...

The exciting new itinerary for the
upcoming weeks are:

Dec.30th: 2001 Year end residents night
featuring the Poundhouse crew

Jan.6th: Boo Williams Chicago
'Universal Limits' cd release party
w/ Gene King & Ray Prasad
(Jamie Watts b-day!)

Jan.13th: Miguel Graca Montreal

Jan.20th: Dacat Ibiza/NYC 3 decks
Special guest tba

Jan.27th: Christian Pronovost Montreal
deeproom @ aria/ lost heroes

hard+soul every sunday @
the livingroom
330 Adelaide St.W./ Peter

residents: hali & rod g.
info/guestlist: 416.468.9916 or
e-mail: taboolife@hardandsoul.com

t a b o o l i f e


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Season's greetings everyone!

With the closing of the new year at hand,
taboolife, poundhouse and the livingroom would like to thank everyone who have come the last 2 months for supporting hard+soul sunday religion. 2002 will be a great year for house music with weekly guest dj's and a dance friendly vibe!

This Sunday Dec.30th, we have the Poundhouse crew throwing down for the last hard+soul jam for 2001.

Free before 11pm and ladies free till midnight.

cheers, t a b o o l i f e