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Happy sweet sixteen, Vinder?


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Hay everyone, it's vinder's birthday this tuesday, so let's all wish him a sweet sixteen



awww, vinder's all grown up!
(for real)
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I hope you have already secured a manchild or four to carry you in on a bed covered with rose petals, because I can tell you from experience no one likes a last-minute manchild.

Happy birthday, girl!
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now we're starting this damned things a day early all the time? fug dat.

i might be back...TOMORROW!


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gosh.. not another cry for attention vinder birthday thread.

Vinder.. we all love you.. isnt' that enough????????????!!!!!!!!!

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gimme a V!
gimme an I!
gimme an N!
gimme a D!
gimme a R!

what does that spell? AWEEEEEEEESOME!R

happy birthday vinderella!
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I like how some people are gonna think this is fake. there's gonna be too many people on his rooftop party.Which is good because Vinder is WAY too popular and

This will lessen the chance of long lineups for the BBQ. Especially if I have to line up behind people that I fucking hate.

Happy birthday, my brotha!
Can't wait to see you this weekend.
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