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happy sunday


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the cat woke me up at 6am, so daytime is on. looks like it might be a cozy day to lounge around, have a good one.


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Just woke up......totally thought it was Monday morning! Gonna have a tea, gonna give myself a pedicure and head out to my friend's baby shower......twins:D Hey JAR, if you read this lemme know when is the best time to ring you.......L o v e u

Have a great day


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my kitty also woke *me* up, demanding to be fed. damned kitty.

plans for today:
- relax. yesterday was LONG.
- hopefully walk the puppies.
- relax more.
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glych t.anomaly

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- 21 w/ windchill, fuck me its cold as shit outside.

if i travel anywhere today its going to be from my underground parking lot to another.

i want to go shopping fer pants



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The crew is in for roast duck* dinner tonight, so we've got some cleaning to do here, and a pile of grocery shopping.

*we've never done duck before, so I really, really hope we don't botch this.


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My baby niece woke me up at 6:45 both yesterday and today.

So today I decided to call in sick cause I have worked 9-10 hour Saturdays and Sundays since Oct. I worked the entire Christmas and New Years holidays. So today..I deserve a day off. Yay!

I just finished playing with my little niece..and now time for breakfast and go back to bed to read and maybe fall back a sleep if possible. This Sunday rocks!


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9+ hrs of sleep, having a coffee, some toast and a grapefruit, then off to the gym for a new class, then the library for some overdue schoolwork, then fressen for dinner with the in-laws. I really hope they're paying.

It's nice and bright inside but looks bitch cold out there.


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Just got back from the spa retreat... holy SHIET!... I am ZEN right now. lol

Going for some organic grocery shopping and cleaning this place and then designing my wedding invitations, finish off the day with some cardio and some charbroiled catfish and asparagus for dinner.
It's great to be pescatarian! LOL
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Subsonic Chronic

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I slept through last night (cursed late-night "naps"!), so I feel like I must be productive today in order to compensate.

I have to decide between a few more hours of OT work, which is so nice when it's quiet there, or going in to BJJ for a few hours of getting my ass kicked. It's still early and work is looking a little more appealing, believe it or not. Anything to help get me closer to Freedom 27.
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boo to having to come to work this morning.

it's a beautiful day out too. looking forward to my trip down to IV this afternoon.


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Woke up at 9:30 to someone calling about my car (bad because I wanted to sleep longer, but good because they sounded serious about it!). Also woke up to a sore throat and headache.

But soon I'm off to brunch at The Tulip, so that should make it all better. If it isn't terribly cold out there, I may walk back along Queen and poke around all the antique shops.


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That sucks it's so cold. It seems like it's always freezing on the nights I have to leave home for Pdot.
Today I just have to work on a short phil paper which means finishing the readings without falling asleep.
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aaah quit complaining about the cold. :p

I'm actually relieved that we've finally got some cold weather (and I'm a summer person). If Winter stayed mild all season I'm scared to see what this coming summer would be like. Actually I still am.

We haven't even reach -20 this season, which wasn't all that uncommon a few years back.


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Made an impromptu journey to Niagara Falls late last night, which was indeed interesting...

Just been up since about 10ish, packing my bag, and preparing for my day trip to London...well, might not JUST be a day trip (hence the packing of stuff), so I stay over that'll be a bonus...in many, many ways...;)

Yeah, not too cold outside with the sun shinin', which should make for a good drive down the 401...hooray to early valentine's days!

p.s. american girls are crazy.
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everyone is complaining about the cold, but I got a new winter jacket and feel nothing, it's more of magical shield that chicks dig.

or it's the alcohol and my delusions.
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