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Happy Sunday morning!

Temper Tantrum

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*YAWN* *stretches* yayyyyy it's thanksgiving (well for me at least) good morning everyone! How are you spending this lovely (I hope i haven't been outside yet) day?

I'm going to head home from lori's. Go for a nice long run. Do some homework, then huge thanksgiving festivities with family and friends tonight! wohoo!



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I can't sleep past 8am anymore. Must be getting old.

Lookin forward to an afternoon/evening with the family eating and drinking too much.

Was going to drive around for a bit today with my mom in one of the Autoshare Smart Cars but both of them are booked. Prius too :(


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woah....I don't know what happened last night, or where it happened...I just know that I got home...lol.

ugh...working this afternoon, then it's up north to see the family...god I need some sleep.


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Why do people that are chronic weed smokers have no notion of time? Phone was ringing at 3 in the morning...

Fucking idiot.


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Going home to start prepping a breakfast for ten visitors this a.m.

WHoever is coming: bring your appetites!!


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Originally posted by tobywan
woah....I don't know what happened last night, or where it happened...I just know that I got home...lol.
It could have been the Bun Vac 6000!



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Ugh... woken up by roomate getting laid once again. Dude get laid at night when I'm not home! If I'm working till 3 am you'd think they would have lots of time. I need to find my earplugs.


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Just got up :) been a lazy weekend so far...

going to see the fam around 2 for yummy thanksgiving dinner mmmmmmm
and play with the nephew which entails lots of coloring

after that...I dunno where the evening will take me...

probably home for a joint and movies with friends


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i just woke up!!
(this totally makes up for the 8:30 wake-up yesterday.)

now - deal with the stock i had simmering all night from yesterday's turkey.

later - [unfortunately] turkey dinner at my sis' place with her asswipe husband, asswipe stepkids, boring in-laws and [saving graces] my niece and nephew.

glych t.anomaly

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walked from the queens quay and york to bloor and yonge this morn.

this mornings sunrise from the harbourfront

i like how the architect/developers framed the CN Tower in between the two buildings.

little bit brisk this morn, but all together pleaseing, thanksgiving eats this eve down on the quay.

should be good times



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I'm here in sunny Florida, stuck at a boring trade show with my boring boss. I just snuck out to this "cyber cafe" in the lobby and couldn't resist the allure of tribe.

Hi everyone and happy early thanksgiving! Americans are fucking rude. That is all.

Stormshadow: give Rob and Pete the birthday paddywacks for me please. :)

Subsonic Chronic

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Good morning, I must have really needed the rest. I can never manage to sleep in but I slept until 11 this morning after crashing on the couch at around 11:30 last night and only waking up briefly in between.

Anyone wanna do stuff tonight (Davge? Allison?)? I have no plans but have gotta take off to family stuff soon so I have no time to make any plans today.

It's so much easier to leave that responsibility to Tribe. :p


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oh man, all i've been doing this weekend is sleeping. soo good. passed out on the couch last night around 10? only to wake up briefly at 11:30 to go to bed. sleep in till now. now if only kevin would get home from the gym so we could have brunch already!

today, brunch, pilates, clean bathroom, read my book, go to mom and dad's and stuff my face with my relatives.

whoop whoop!!



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Wow -- this is the first time I've slept this long in AGES - sooooo nice!

Had a big din at my parents' place last night, got back into Toronto and was asleep by 11.

This afternoon is engagement photos, so I'm going to squeeze a quick workout in, get ready, and we're off to the park to meet our photographer.

And it looks like the weather's going to hold - yay! :)

Then it's off to tonight's big dinner - really looking forwared to that - and all the yummy apps Michael's uncle's doing. *rubs belly*


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i started work at 11:30 this morning and i'm working until 8pm. somewhere in there i get an hour for lunch and am hittin' up the parent's place for some gobbley good eats provided it's cooked by the time i get to escape briefly--


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It's been a great weekend so far! I got up about an hour ago after our crazy girls night out last night and I'm enjoying a lazy afternoon. Will be heading over to the parent's in a couple of hours for thanksgiving dinner, can't wait for the feast! Afterwards, a relaxing evening with a movie and some wine with my boy.

Ahhhh, long weekend :D


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i'm a lazy bastard, i just woke up. logged 12 hours of sleep last night.

it doesn't really feel like thanksgiving to me this year. prolly cause i'm all alone at home, and no one's cooking any turkey. and i've been called into work for 4pm today. :/ hopefully, they'll let me go asap.

for now, some breakfast and coffee.


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Awesome day - slept almost 9 hours, had brunch at xacutti (which was AMAZING! mimosa helped matters along nicely as well), since then I've bid farewell to Mark for the evening, about to take mum to the eaton centre and then to Union, then it's PARTY TIME!!