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Happy St Patrick's Day!


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I'm going to walk around my downtown neighbourhood in my $30 green hoodie that I specifically bought for today. I will grow frustrated (or amused?) by all the smashed suburbanites who have all come down here. At some point I will notice each pub I'd like to go into has a good 1 hour wait (again come in the suburbanites). I'll eventually have to choose between drinking at Boston Pizza, Milestones or returning home.

Happy St Paddy's Day to all!

Dirty Girl

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I'd go watch the parade cause its a 30 second walk from my house....but im hungover and 30 seconds seems a really long way away.

Aaron Bradley

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myself... getting ready for green drinks now! Gonna start off at the "Kilt and Clover" in Beamsville... probably kill a few Bloody Caesars and some 180's. Then over to "Judge and Jester" in Grimsby for some green beer and good music.

I think then I'll fall my way over to "Joe Dog's" down the street for some shots and nachos! >.< -

Pictures soon! :)
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Happy St. Paddy's! I don't drink, but on this day I always try a few (dozen) pops. Out and about enjoying the Sun, that is the game plan.


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probably the 2nd day of the year aside from Superbowl where spousal abuse is rampant.
smack my bitch up.


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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Unfortunately spending it working yesterday and today. Too much to get done. :)
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Hawk Eye

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Happy St. Paddy's day! I couldn't go out bc I had a fitness test starting at 11am and got home at 730/8pm. Long freaking day!