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Happy New Year TRIBE!


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Well I am kind of glad that 2017 is over... It started off great but then descended into crap overall except for one brief shining moment (The Watcher's wedding weekend).

I am starting a new tech site this year so I will be focused on that. I am also selling my house in South Africa and will probably look for a property in Mauritius, if I can meet their foreign buyer regulations.

Or I will start the process of figuring out a way to get there for a month a year to explore and metal detect in the water.

Anyway, thanks everyone for being a part of TRIBE this year and I look forward to spending more time with you on the forum this year.



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thanks Alexd for still making this board a possibility and a venue for us to still click.
Mauritius looks brilliant.

Bernnie Federko

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Happy New Year!

2017 was long, and challenging. It started in Scottsdale, Arizona en route to Sedona and The Grand Canyon, saw us visit Cabo on March break, move out of the house while we began renovations to build up our bungalow into a 2 story, vacation near Apsley on a private lake for a couple weeks, got in a couple of unruly boys trips to Prince Edward County, had the storage locker B&E'd a couple times, worked through the insurance process, moved into the 95% complete renovated home the week of Christmas, and concluded the most expensive year on record by seeing the ROM's Dior dress exhibit before eating a massive meal and passing out together at 10pm with the TV on.

Here is to good health, prosperity and good luck, everyone.
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Happy New Years to you AlexD. You gave us all a safe place to get out all of our happy / frustration. And still manage to disco.

You’re the best