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Happy Holidays to you all 2021!


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Another science fiction Christmas. I have spent the last 2 months working 12 hours a day getting my place prepared for sale. It continues. Exhausted.

But a friend has invited me to her place and will cook a chicken on Christmas Day which I'm quite happy about because she's a beauty, I love her company and her cooking is far better than she believes :) And my oldest friend has invited me to his family's place (a tradition) on Boxing Day and he is cooking a turkey. He's a trained chef so his meals are always amazing. We only see each other a few times a year but he is like a brother. We just resume where we left off in conversation like we've have been doing for decades.

Part of me wants to keep working through it to get the house finished but I really need to see people IRL. Next week a moving company comes to take away at least half of the office stuff, books, archive and vinyl, and I have been boxing that up to make it ready. Vinyl! 20kgs a box and a nightmare to move. Many boxes. A ton of photographic grip equipment, boom stands, background stands, vintage computers etc. I hope to make some more visual space in the house by doing this to make it bigger. Anyway, enough about me.

To my fellow tribers, Happy Holidays. I hope you are all safe and well. Thanks for coming back to this quiet place in the storm of social media crap. Next Christmas will be better!

xo alexd
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