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Happy Happy Day KiFe!


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Happy Birthday Love!

It wouldn't be quite right without a thread on tribe ;) Perhaps there will even be thread crapping? heh

Here's to another year of snowboarding, mountainbiking, photo taking, dog walking, pun-making, and just generall adventure taking!!

Looking forward to dinner out tonite and some big mountain riding this weekend!!

Oh and you'll never guess what I found out on tribe today.....
I LOVE YOU! haha




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Happy Birthday Patrick!!!

I miss you. Hopefully I will finally be able to visit you guys this year.


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Thanks for all the kind words dooooods!
Nice to see so many familiar names come out of the woodwork to wish me a happy day.

I took the day off work today, got a roof rack for the car! WOO HOO! now i can lug four decks on top of the mazda, and four friends in comfort! It's all about crew-snowboarding!

Thanks again!