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HAPPY FUNKIN NEW YEARS 2009 @ Level (9PM-4AM) Kelowna


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Okay, okay... Do you know how it goes every New Years? You try to make plans and figure out what to do and where to go. Your friends ask, "Hey man, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?" You reply, "Well, I don't know yet. I might head up to the ski resort with my buddies or I might go to some house party or maybe I'll watch a movie with my mom."

This year, leave the house parties at home where they belong! You can tell you pals you'll be partying until 4am at LEVEL NIGHTCLUB IN KELOWNA with all of your friends, rippin' up the dance floor to some big bangers on 2 bad-ass sound systems.

LEVEL & TOP ROPE & FLYDJS are teaming up to bring you the biggest NYE event in Kelowna. You get 2 parties under one roof! Open until 4AM! Downtown venue! Not your average club night. ;)

GREY GOOSE for $5.25


Top Rope Entertainment is spicing up the main with:

NEIGHBOUR (HomeBreakin Records, Calgary)
At the drop of Midnight, prepare to be blown away. Neighbour is a man at the top of his game. He is quickly becoming one of Canada's top producers and most sought-after Deejays. Drawing from a lifetime involved with all types of music, Matt creates his own beats from his Calgary Studio @ HomeBreakin Records studio in Calgary AB. He has a distinctive style of his own with huge grindy basslines infused with retro, funk, and hip hop. A headliner at Shambhala SoundWave and Pemberton music Festivals, Neighbour is certain to make your New Years a night to remember.

alongside locals:

DJ JOE (Top Rope, Kelowna)

DISCO DAVE (Higher Ground, Kelowna)

-------- LEVEL'S 3RD LEVEL --------

FLYDJS.com is hosting the 3RD LEVEL with local favorites guaranteed to stick your ass to the upstairs dance floor:

DEE BASS Momenta Recs | Vancouver BC
[2AM - lights on]
(Breakbeats of the filthy kind tabernak!)

[until 1AM]
(Ass smackin' Chicago House with that "underground" feel)

[1AM - 2AM]
(Breaks & Electro to tear off the roof)

[Super Dirty Top Secret Appearance before 1AM ;) ]
(Beats so dirty, you'll wanna ...)

-------- ADMISSION --------

$20 advance.

--> admission to the entire nightclub! (front entrance)
--> 2 parties under one roof!
--> champagne at midnight!
--> party hats & noise makers!
--> dance until 4AM.
--> shwag from our sweet sponsors.

This will sell out!!!! And like all FLYDJS -or- TOP ROPE shows, this party will be off the HOOK so please plan ahead and purchase your ticket in advance.

Tickets @:
HEMP CITY - 250.868.3088
YOUR GYM BAG - 250.860.0607
BOOSTER JUICE - 250.717.1700
LEVEL NITECLUB - 250.861.5851
JGIRL - 250.718.3050

& via street-level promoters Courtney, Sean, & JGirl.