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Happy Early Birthday Hali!!


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hey Hal,
So sorry I missed last night, but I fell asleep on the couch. :eek:

Seeing as you will be gone all weekend partying it up in Montreal, just wanted to send you a quick Happy Birthday!

Have an amazing time!!!
You are one hell of a kick ass guy & an awesome friend, so enjoy your 35th to the fullest, you deserve it!! :D

Big hugs,
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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happy birthday bro!
i too missed out last night, as it has been a long week.. but much love on your birthday from me!
we'll go for a drink or two after you get back from montreal.

(hi mel!)


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rats. missed last night as well. (totally forgot it was yesterday night. i would have certainly dropped by. :mad: )

hope you're still hungover in bed brother!! have a great birthday weekend Hali and kill 'em (along with some brain cells and your liver) in mtl. tomorrow night!! ;)



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:) aww.. thanks guys. last night was messy! (but fun) but yah, my actual bday is on sunday... yep the big 3-5.. midlife, here i come.

i'll be sure to represent in mtl :) thanks for the wishes!
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Hal Hal Hal....

Better late than never. Happy birthday bro...and I KNOW you had a happy birthday :)

Glad you got to celebrate in both TO and Mtl in fine style....although the condition I saw you in after your bday thing on Thursday could be described using other adjectives...haha.

Good times as always!