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Happy Canada Day!


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Happy Canada Day Tribe!

I'm heading to the island for Sasha in a bit, I'd have liked more sunshine but no rain expected so can't complain.

What's everyone doing to celebrate?
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Happy Canada Day!!

We're heading downtown (Barrie) for Promenade and Fireworks shortly.
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Happy Canada Day guys!

At the family 'estate' gearing up for some wicked tasty sausages and chicken!

Boss Hog

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I'm celebrating in a true Canadian way. Giving a fuck about nothing except my barbecue and getting drunk.


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Was on the island making jaffles in beach bonfire! Happy Canada Day!!




* Note Toby's steak on a stick in fire
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Did you stay for fireworks? They were pretty good.

One of these days I'll have to figure out what you look like so I'll know if I run into you!