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Happy Birthdays Monica and Robb!


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You guys rool!

Happie birthdays to both of you kwayzee kids. Bigup to the two of you for all the sik tunage over the years, and maximum respect to Robb during his hiatus.

...and to the rest of you: Don't forget to go wish them a happy one at Charlie's!
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Chicago Kid

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my B-day too dude.

DOn't know any of youz yet, but you gotta be a'ight if you listen to breaks. Hope to party with y'all when I get out there in a few months.

dj Red Turtle

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Originally posted by DaPhatConductor
Oh, OK Kev, I retract my birthday wishes then (!?)

I never go in there man, too many morons...

i'm just busting ya balls Dylan.... and don't make similar threads :p LOLOL...
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Weekend birthday bonanza. Willar's was good. Robb G's are always fun and I think Monika knows how to birthday it up. Charlies should be good.

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The Electrician

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well happy birthday to you all... and to all a good night.... I cant make it to Charlies any more tonight b/c I cant get it off anymore... so it will have to be another time..

see ya soon