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HAPPY BIRTHDAY vench!!!***


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!! It's after midnight so this thread can officially begin!!!!


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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Smiley Jo

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Good thing I searched before starting this! :p

Happy Birthday Chris!
Hope you have a great day!

If not, tomorrow will be better.... :)



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hope your birthday is one that will move mountains, part seas and open doors...you deserve the best cause well, you're nothing less than the breast...LOL

See you VERY soon...xoxo
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happy b-day biatch!

get ready for friday punk!

mike ---- trekkin down from qc for the b-day beats

ps - VENCH'S official B-DAY PARTY will be held at Ice Lounge on Richmond this friday night! come one come all! it will be an extra special night with several dj's holdin it down

Paranoid Jack
Mike C

and possibly some more extra special guests

pps - chris...BEIGE PANTS

Jeremy Jive

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happy birthday Chris. Thanks for all the hook ups over the years. The best part is always getting hooked up with the best quality in canadian house tracks. I'll definetly be stopping by on Friday to share a toast.

jeremy -Vench's Sade, track of 2003- jive
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happy birthday, chris!
hope you will have a blast!

still gotta shake moi ass to your live beat one of these days!

good luck :)