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happy birthday thom100 (?)


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I don't know you. but you seem like a great guy. the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006 isn't what you had wished for, though, and I really do hope you're doing ok, and everything is getting better with your sister. I read in the NC thread that it's your birthday, so if it is,


And if it isn't, I still hope you're doing ok, and your sister gets better soon!!

p.s. you seem like a guy who likes green.
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Boss Hog

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happy birthday man. I hope you get lots of opportunity to shoot porn, and then post it.

Good luck in 2006!


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Happy Birthday Thom! :D :D :D

I hope you have a fantasmic day and a great year, bro!

Thanks again for being a super cool dood and for all you've done to make my return to Canada as freakin' awesome as it has been. Without your inspiration, generosity and kindness, a lot wouldn't have been possible. I'm forever greatful.

You heading out for beers tonight?

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happy birthday thom! survived the rockstar year I see. Best of love and luck this year

Sunshyne Jones

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Happy Birthday Thom!!!!!! Hope it's shaping up to be a banner year for ya!!

(what the hell does that mean anyway?)

I'll have to meet up with you and your lovely for a bday drink sometime soon.

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set course for AWESOME.... engage!
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thanks everyone, it is in fact my bday.

As Jake mentioned 2005 ended about as badly as it could of , and what was suppose to be a great year 2006, has turned into one of the darkest most difficult times of my life.
You'd be surprised how much this silly little online community helps getting through some of the down days at work. Even when not involved in a lot of threads, the entertainment value can be priceless.

so cheers to tribe and lets hope this year starts lookin up.


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Happy birthday Thom! Thanks for all your suggestions and advices.

From personal experience, our falls only make us get up taller and stronger, believe in life, yourself and your loved ones.

Have a great birthday and year.

Joanne XO
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Happy Birthday Thom!!!

Hope you have a great weekend man, you deserve it. I should be in town Fri or Sat, so hopefully I can see you and Dorianne.

All the best,

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