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Happy birthday sugar!


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The combo thread is unholy.

I promise not to make fun of you for at most 24 hours.


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happy early birthday allison!! its tomorrow but I think you should put the retaining wall manuels down and get shitfaced tonight anyways!!

rots of rove! chris!
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You've been a wonderful addition to my life (and obviously to many others who have known you for far longer). I hope the friendship continues, and I wish you all the best on your birthday!
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happy birthday allison!

hoot hoot!

aroo! aroo!

(is that a fuckin elephant noise? i don't fuckin know)


ps. nice arse


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happy birthday

^ what I came up with under sugar in google

p.s. thank you VERTY MUCH for bahamas! i'll remember that fo' life.

Booty Bits

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so much birthday love for the one we call sugar!
happy birthday to a kind, compassionate, intelligent, witty and crotchety lady ;)
can't wait to celebrate with you.

your heeb buddy liz
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happy birthday!

yesterday my dad asked me if i wanted anything from the home country and i foolishly said no

next time i will be sure to ask for a mini-elephant (or reasonable facsimile)
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