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Happy Birthday Squirrely!!!

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Klubmasta Will

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happy birthday, squirrely robin.

i've known you for a long time and, although i don't talk to you or see you often, it always makes me extremely happy to see you. (and it makes me happy to see that you're so happy these days.)

miss you lots,



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Happy Birthday!


I was going to put that I hope you'll be getting some good birthday sexxx - but now i'm thinking that's pretty much a given...

so hope you enjoy it!

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Happy Birthday Robin!

Does this mean I'll actually get to see you this week? It's been too long. :( We'll have to meet up before we go out to that place on that night and do something.

hugzz. D
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Dr Funk MD

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Happy birthday Robin!

It's been an absolute thrill meeting you this year. You put a smile on my face everytime I see you and hopefully this year I will get the chance to smile more often! ;)

I hope you're 26th year is even better then the last and next time I see you drinks are on me.

Your friend and camera saver.



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this thread makes me cry.

for three reasons.

#1. justin posted under my name so it looks like i am wishing myself a happy birthday.
#2. the words sex and seXXX are repeated so many times that i had to hide the screen from my mom while i was reading it.
#3. i love my friends. thank you for making me cry and smile, all at the same time.


EDIT: post #69!!!! woo! unf unf!!! seXXX seXXX seXXX!!!!!

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My Robinska...

It took me some time to compile my thoughts and sum up what I wanted to say...

But then I remembered that we're on a public message board, and even though I've treated that fact with a blatant disregard to all things tasteful in the past, this time I'll refrain :p... How's about I leave it at this:

"Happy freakin' Birthday, to one of the funnest girls on the planet."

Many many many more to you, mon amie. :)

(Actual birthday card will contain way more explicit well-wishes, promise! ;) )

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