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Happy Birthday Squirrely!!!


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Happy Birthday, Happy Raver Robin !!!!

ps - I hope you get laid tonight so we can all read about it in your birthday sexxx thread!!!
Happy Birthday Robin!!

Hey, you remember that one time we found out we were neighbours?

That was weird.

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Robin drinking new DIET CELLPHONE From Fido (TM)


Robin estrogening it out with da girls!


[crocodile hunter] "let us observe the carnivorous robin species in her natural habitat" [/crocodile hunter]


Her bountiful (sp? :p) nature (or bouncy and big) nature extends even to her portable pillows which she generously transports for her friends!



If something sucks she'll tell you in a discreet manner


She's so talented that her cookie was the only one that LOOKED like a christmas gingerbread. No excess of icing and candy, only STYLEZ.


No excess on the COOKIES at least. but her voracious appetite can't be satiated!


Robin's breasts are equal too the ambrosia of the tribe gods!

In this picture, i'm sure everyone is focusing on robins face!


University taught us how to aim a camera at our heads for a self portrait!


Sexy bday girl and her sexy boy!


Tribe football huddle!
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And now *drumroll please* the actual birthday wishes:

To my gorgeous Robin,
One of the most brilliant, sensitive, intelligent, wise, beautiful, incredible people i've ever had the honour to touch my life....the day of the celebration of the quarter century mark of your time on this earth is at hand! Robs, robs, robs.....though we have only been friends for seven months you've inspired and taught me in more ways then you could ever conceive. No matter what has happened, you were always the friend that would be there no matter what ever else. You showed me how to be a better person, friend, daughter, girlfriend, ....._individual_. The thing that strikes me the most about you is the way you lead not through instruction or words, but solely through the example of leading your life to the fullest. You see the good in people, give your fullest, and fight for what you believe in. It's so rare to see someone with such pure and honest faith and integrity in every thing they pursue. You realize so little of your awe-inspiring being and strength, which only contributes further to how fucking wicked you are. Your just one of those people that individuals look up to and say to themselves "If i can be 1/4 of the person she is, i'm a lucky girl/guy." Your smile and energy touch everyone you know, in short (though this has been long) you are unlike anyone I've ever met, and i treasure that about you. You are amazing and touch every life you cross.

So, On your 25th bday.....much love from allie :)

After all:

The Rom
would take
a long time
to clean.

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Subscribe to Cannabis Goldsmith, wherever you get your podcasts