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Happy Birthday Splippery Pete!!


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Isn't SP on some far off remote island herding wild cariboo and living in a giant straw house with several young, fresh, aisian housekeepers tending to his every need?

At least that's what I thought
Happy Birthday Pete.


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dear applicant:

we thank you for applying for the honourable position of [meatpacker and mustache rocker extraordinaire], however we find that a more suitable candidate has been selected.

we thank you for your time and efforts in this matter.

your mother.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETE! may this day bring you copius amounts of liquid tide, whores, gallons of freshly squeezed orange juice, crank calls, and most importantly, employment.

see you tonight! (and beward the re-gifter!)



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Happy Birthday Bro!

Good to have you back in the Big Freeze, hope you have a great weekend of panty hats and less-than-creepy girls!

give 'er!