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Happy Birthday Smiley Jo


TRIBE Member
Happy birthday to my favorite boss in the whole wide world. :D I hope you're having a wonderful day sweets.


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Happy Birthday JO!!!

May your year be filled with smiles, wishes coming true and lots of punk shows!!!!!

hope to see you around :D


The Watcher

TRIBE Member

You are too cute for words! And nicer than the nicest people! Wishing you all the best since you deserve no less!



TRIBE Member
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

hope you're having an AMAZING day, you sure deserve it. I dont know what I would do without you babe, love you lots. :)


(this pic cracks me up... toban's infamous wandering hands :p)


Sleepy Giant

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Happy birfday Jo!!!!!

Ps. I tried to find one of him walking away from his busted ass MP4-20 but I thought it was inappropriate :p


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Happy birthday Jo! You're the most awesomest friend ever! So much so that I'm using made-up words to describe how much you kick ass. :p

*big hugs and lotsa love!*

-- Jay aka Fut


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happy birthday to one of the sweetest girls around!!

hope its a wonderful day and the year ahead brings you smiles and happiness...you definately deserve it!!