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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE (subsonic chronic)


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Pisces Traits

Imaginative and sensitive
Compassionate and kind
Selfless and unworldly
Intuitive and sympathetic


To the most incredible person I have ever met,
an extremely intelligent and beautiful person, both inside and out, have a fantastic birthday celebration.

I wish more than anything I could spend more time with you this week-end, I do promise to make up for it later :D

Happy Birthday gorgeous.


love Johane

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happy birthday pete :)

i predict that deep will post the exact same thing after me...unless he edits it
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i bet you were born at 4:20 on this day in march....

and look at those sideburns.... what a hippie

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Many happy bday wishes to ya Pete!

As a gift, I give you one free headshot with a rocket.
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Happy birthday Pete!

Here's to a day filled with body-slams, goa, and general debauch!

have a good one.

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ppff Trance Dj's think they're so cool!

happy birthday Pete.. you're one of those people that when they smile it just warms you all the way through!

I hope your birthday and the rest of your year is filled with happiness, sex, and a lot of thump thump thump :)



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to a supah sweet guy, who loves de ganj and has a great "leftist" perspective on life.;) (gOooO political crusaders~!)

you deserve the very *best*, baybee. hope you have a fantastic day, and an even better year.



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Ahhhhh Mr. Elkerbout,

There's so many good things to say about you that I could go on forever. We see eye to eye on so many things and it's been nothing but the utmost pleasure getting to know you over the past year. You seem to approach everything with compassion, understanding and gentle sophistication and this reflects on the company that you keep.

You're unwaivering commitment to civil justice is highly commendable and you're a rare example of someone who practices what they preach. All the best on your bday brother...the next joint's on me. :)

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j bunny 2000

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hi subsonic chronic !!

Happy B-day !! I hear you're from london and everyone seem to really like you so i hope you have a very special day!

J bunny

Temper Tantrum

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Pete-a-bear :)
How I miss you and your lovely woman...Happy birthday to one of the GREATEST most genuine, wonderful, SWEET, gorgeous and incredible men I know. we will rock it bday styles when your up here in a few weeks. Happy birthday!!!

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