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Happy Birthday MOFO



Yeah I know it's a few days early.
I would like to say Happy Birthday Sunny.
I hope you that you have a great one this year.


How could this be a birthday thread for sunny without pictures of jocks.

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google search: "buhls"


you understand, I'm gonna be thasverynice'n shit till I'm 93 yrs old, and people will still have no idea what I'm goin on about.

Booty Bits

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you're one of my favourites, regardless of the company you keep. yuk yuk yuk.

no one can veg out with me on a saturday like you :)

you rule and you inspire me.

i hope you have an amazing birthday because i love you and you deserve it.
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Temper Tantrum

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I have yet to meet a less judgmental more open minded person as you. Your gorgeous, a sweet ass dancer, brilliant, and probably the only guy I can sleep semi-naked with when drunk who won't try anything :D Your perfect in so many ways. I wish nothing but the best for you in luck, love and life. Now if only we could change that jungle addiction :cool:

Here's to the pretty boys my friend.



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my sunnykins...
its been really great spending more and more time with you..drinking our wine, having our talks..sharing the little secrets. have a great birthday hun..

and for old time sakes...cuz its so funny:

that's fucked up Daisy!

Suuuuuuusana Caaaaaaayson

(even though this isnt from GI) PRUNE JUICE!!!


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sunny, it's been great getting to know you better. you're awesome! :D have a super duper happy birthday.


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happy birthday sunny!!! i hope you have a great one, & everything works out for you this summer!!!

from your neighbour :D

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happy birthday, sunshine.:) even tho i've only met you a handful of times, i can tell you have an enormous heart when it comes to the people and things you're passionate about.

not to mention you're adorable and articulate. all the bestest.



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happy b-day sunny!

keep stylin' and profilin' like only you can

(sorry about the scream and a little over-enthusiatic hug at weaver, it's just that i usually spend 5 minutes staring at you from afar trying to figure out if you're who i think you are then when i realize it is i'm just like "oh, it is, it is!")

sending kisses, hugs and other good things
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Happy Birthday!!!

I think you're hilarious and you make me laugh a lot. I like you.
Have a WONDERFUL birthday Sunny!!!! :D

natalie :D
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