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Happy Birthday Metal Morphosis!

Happy birthday to the one of the most amazing girls that I know.

(nice to see you're finally on the board, so I can actually post it when you're gonna see it biatch)

Seriously Lise, I wish you all the best on your birthday, hope you had a good time last night ;) and let's get together sooner than later for a proper celebration.


Love always...me.

P.S. I like-ah da pants that are much more low.
Happy birthday Lisa :), you're a wonderful person and a great friend who I can't see enough out on the dancefloor. All the best and all your wishes may they come true

the Doctor

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Happy Birthday Lisa!

So nice to have met you (albeit recently) and definitely looking forward to seeing a hell of a lot more of you!!

Have a good one girl. Hope your birthday wish shows up ;)

xos L


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happy birthday to one of the true partiers...i hope the upcoming year is a good one for you :) & hopefully see you around the dancefloor soon...



Happy birthday Lisa :)

This past year has been a great one - here's to many more!

and I think this pic of you is really cute - from the Tribe frathouse party



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That is a cute picture of her. :)
Like a disgruntle cat.

Happy birthday, I haven't met you but you seem like one of the coolest and most interested girls in progressive.


(have a good one.)


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happy birthday lisa! it's been fantastic getting to hang out with you this past year and i hope to definitely do more of the same in the next.

have a fantastic birthday! :)