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Happy Birthday Matt (beatjunkie)!


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A very happy birthday to my fellow beatjunkie and partner-in-crime.

Hope you made it home ok sunday and are appropriately sketchy and hungover today (I know I am...hahaha). It was savage as always ;)

Cheers dude....you're the best!



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Happy birthday Matt! It was great to see you guys (finally!) and even better to watch you kill that dancefloor!

Metal Morphosis

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YAY!!! Happy Happy Day to a super fun guy who shares a birthday with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee!!!

maybe i'll see you this weekend for a birthday drink.



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Savage it was!!! Hahahah.... :D

Thanks Simon, Vic and Lisa.
Weekend was fun times with fun people. Lisa we can exchange birthday drinks the next time we see each other!

Simon, sketchy Mondays suck, especially when you have a million people coming into the office wishing you a happy birthday.... but it's all worth it in the end ;)

Thanks again guys.
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happy birthday matt! it was wicked to meet you (and jen) at freeland/infusion, i hope you had a wicked bday :)


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Thanks Guys, I appreciate it.

Vinder, was also nice to finally meet the guy I see at every party in the city. See ya soon.

Warren, again thanks for the gift. I'm sure I'll be seeing you sooner than later ;)
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