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Happy Birthday Lisa (Metal Morphosis)!!!!


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Happy Birthday to the one of the coolest girls I know.
You may have decided to abandon us to go work for some nerd in Montreal, but we still love you.

Wish I was there to celebrate with you Montreal-styles. Do it up proper for us!

You rock girl! :cool:

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Happy Birthday Sweetie! :)

Hope this birthday is the greatest one yet!
We definitely need to go out for some bithday beverages and catch up when you get back in the city for the holidays! :D


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Happy Birthday Lisa,

hopefully as part of the birthday shenanigans the CFMB will be dusted off and busted out!

have a great one!
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I hope you had an amazing birthday celebration this past weekend (as I can only imagine you would have).

I *can't wait* to see you when you get back so that we can celebrate in proper 30 Dominion styles, with mashed cats and pants that are much more low.



p.s. miss you.
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Its your Birthday Lisa, Happy Birthday Lisa...
Hope you had an awesome 514 birthday. Hope Holden was a blast. Hopefully we'll get to raise a few in your name this christmas.


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Happy birthday. I'll have to buy ya a couple of b-day drink next time you're in town. You are coming back soon aren't you:confused:


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Happy Birthday!!! :D

You know how wicked you are, but I'll be informing again when you back here from da moreeal.
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