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Happy Birthday Klubmastah Will !

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I think we're a day early on this, no?

Hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow - and enjoy tonight :)

Happy birthday to Will, happy birthday to Will!

And watch your rear - birthday bumps are totally in order for this milestone! :p
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(it is a day early Jessica :))

Happy Happy Birthday Will :D!

First thanks for being such an amazing friend to me this last year.
When things were tough you were always one of the first people I could count on to get me through it - I'll never, ever forget that Babes - you are one of the best friends I've ever had :).
Not to mention one of the most generous, thoughtful and kind.

Thank you for sticking with me through everything - you have no idea how much your strength, wisdom and advise got me through what was a very difficult year (but also happy and amazing at the same time)
You always kept me seeing what great things I had ahead of me... and as always you were so right.

To my former Tuesday night partner in crime (ok and pretty much every other night of the week as well :p) I hope that this year brings you some much deserved love and happiness - If you even get a fraction back of what you give to others I have no doubt you're going to be the happiest person I know.
I'm looking forward to celebrating your big day with you tomorrow :)!!

Love you sweetie - you're the best!!!!
Chrissy xoxox

ps - Braedyn wishes one of his favorite uncles a very special Birthday as well!!
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Happy Birthday Mr. Chang!

I hope you are all rested from your honeymoon in Jamaica, and ready to rock it tonight and the rest of the weekend.

Best wishes for 2004. Hope this year is the best one yet.
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One day early!!!!!

Happy happy birthday Will - someone i definitely don't see enough of these days. You're one of the best friends i've ever known, and I wish you all the best today and always.

Love you, Naomi
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