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Happy birthday justin bieber!


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He is no longer a "teen idol". He is now just a plain "Idol".

Oh, true, it was a rough year. But let's see what happens next?

I can't really consider myself an "avid" Belieber, I have two many testicles and years for that, nonetheless, gotta respect a guy who earns $160MUSD before he turns 20.

For his sake, I hope he's in Montreal today and not Atlanta or Calabassas or...

The SKIN! The beautiful skin! Surely there's a person here reading who has tattoos. WHY? Aside from the most tiny, subdued tattoo, they are ugly. Do you rub genitals with tattoos? Am I missing something? Justin, you looked better sans tattoos.

And for the rest of us, just another day passes, we are one day closer to being dead, and Justin Bieber is part of our psyche, like it or not.

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mitsuko souma

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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
No sizzurp in prison
And they'll rape you there too


Jeffsus I know how much you genuinely love Biebs, so
this is his only performance I've enjoyed. Enjoy

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