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Happy Birthday JEMZ!!!

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
jamie, you're cool beans and i miss seeing you around all the time.
i hope your birthday is filled with all kinds of goodness and some sweet lovin' from that hot wife of yours!

much love,
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happy birthday, oasis.

wish we saw more of you round these parts jamie, but it's sweet that we can always pick up where we left off. hope i see you soon babe!
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I was thinking of you this week wishing we could celebrate as always at OM. Maybe we will get the opportunity to do a joint celebration again sometime. Until then there is always Tribe.


Boss Hog

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TRIBE Member

happy birthday!
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happy birthday to one of the most solid, sweet, and thoughtful people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting!

may this year ahead bring you lots of joy and laughter!

(that's the most straight-up, non-offensive as i can get - i hope you appreciate it. :p)
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Hi guys.

Thank you for all the kind words... for a guy who doesn't and has never lived in Toronto, it is really nice to have such nice things said from such a good group of people like in this thread.

This is the dirty thirty for me and as much as I have waited for the blues to set in they haven't... maybe I'm okay with it??

I wish you all the very best, understand I wish I could see you all more but that is the way life works. I am in a massive transition point of my life and what was once on perfect track has derailed very quickly and I am building all over again. But that too I guess is the way life works.

Thanks again :)

Go England!


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Jamie my brother.

I've been friends with you longer than I've known about Tribe's existence and you've proven yourself time and time again as one of the most stand-up, loyal and honest friends a fella can have.

All the best on your 30th and I hope we can celebrate sooner than later.
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